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Best Deep Fryer of 2020: Complete Review Buying Guide

We've taken the time to provide you with the reviews of the best home deep fryers (updated in 2020). Each fryer on this list is carefully selected for its unique features, dependability, versatility, quality, size, and durability.

We've tested and reviewed over 20 different models from popular brands such as Presto to lesser known brands such as Aigostar. Whether you're looking for something reputable or you're simply looking for the best overall deep fryer, we've got you covered.

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to deep frying, we feel we lead the field when it comes to overall knowledge. From the countless guides specific to deep frying to over 30 individual deep fryer reviews, we feel we know the ins and outs of deep fryers and deep frying in itself. We understand the problems people have and the questions that will arise.

Because of our vast knowledge, we understand there isn't one best deep fryer for any specific person. Everybody has a different set of priorities in terms of what they're looking for when buying a deep fryer. That's why we've split the deep fryers into the most important categories such as the best small deep fryers or the best deep fryer with oil filtration.

Top Choices

For easy reference, we've provided our top five indoor deep fryers. These deep fryers excel in several categories and separate from the competition in more than one facet. Each of these top deep fryers are a perfect match for somebody. For extended info, check out our top deep fryers by category.

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Best Deep Fryers

Here is our best selection of deep fryers on the market today. We wanted to aim for the highest overall quality deep fryers while leaving you options. We realize some of these categories can be interchangeable to some degree and in an attempt to avoid picking the same deep fryers for multiple categories, we wanted to provide choices.

If you're split on which deep fryer to choose, you can always check up above for our final top 5 choices as a tie-breaker.

Presto Fry Daddy (Best Overall)


  • Something becomes the best rated product in a specific field because of its quality ratio to its price. The cheaper something is while maintaining its quality/value, the more popular something becomes. Of course, there are many other factors including reputation, marketing and much more.
  • The Fry Daddy is the top rated deep fryer simply because of its simple design has lasted the test of time. Its reputation precedes itself.
  • Because it offers no fry basket, it really utilizes the space within the deep fryer.
  • Snap on lid makes it easier and safer to store oil
  • Handle can be lifted with one hand, allowing it to be possibly the most portable deep fryer on the market (when not full of oil).

Overall, there are many types of food that deep fry better without baskets. These usually include foods with home-made batter. This is because most batters will badly stick the bottom of a basket. From an entree such as chicken to sweets such as donuts, this is the best deep fryer.


We have two primary concerns with the Fry Daddy that may turn people away. First off, it utilizes a slotted large scoop to put in and take out its food. It's simply not as convenient as a fry basket. Secondly, the lid is more for storage basis. When deep frying, its advised to leave the lid off. This could be a turn off for some, as it could produce more odors compared to a deep fryer with a lid. Despite these concerns, there's a reason the Fry Daddy is so popular, and our top rated deep fryer. Sadly, it's simply not for everybody.

Why We Chose It

A combination of simplicity, durability, quality, and affordability makes the Presto Fry Daddy the best choice. There's a reason it's still hugely popular even after being first released over 20 years ago. The bottom line: it simply works.

You can check out our full review of the Presto Fry Daddy here.

Presto Pro Fry Deep Fryer (Best Deep Fat Fryer)


  • Overall the Presto Pro Fry deep fryer offers a very high customer satisfaction rate
  • features a large sized fryer for deep fat frying with two fry baskets for versatility.
  • 1800 watts (which the max amount of power for standard deep fryers)


  • Includes two small fry baskets that can go by side by side, but they do not provide a single large basket to use (many deep fryers include one large basket and two small baskets for versatility)

Why We Chose It

Overall the Presto Pro Fry deep fryer offers great value due to its high wattage and size. Don't believe us, even Consumer Reports rates it as the best valued fryer. It's also one of the most dependable fryers on our list which speaks to its high quality. It even comes with some extra bonuses such as a vented lid. Its only downside is that if you you want one large basket, you'll have to purchase it separately. 

You can check out the full review of the Presto Pro Deep Fryer here.

KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer (Best Large)


  • We just show cased a large deep fryer as our favorite deep fat fryer, so we wanted to choose something offering additional features
  • Offers a completely digital display
  • Offers one large frying basket and two small frying baskets
  • Comes with an integrated odor filter to help reduce some of the frying odors


  • The biggest downside to this deep fryer is that it's a little harder to maintain. Due to its sheer size, removing the inner pot may take a bit of muscle when the pot is full of oil. It can be a bit awkward to pour out oil depending on your oil storage container.

Why We Chose It

Overall, it offers almost everything you'd want in a fryer. It's large, digital, stainless steel, and offers easy to clean detachable parts. Due to these features, its price is usually above average, but its sleek appearance and effectiveness make it a viable option for any kitchen. ​

You can check out our full review of the KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer here.

Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer (Best Mid-Sized)


  • We chose the Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer despite its lesser known brand name because it offers a great combination of features
  • Its 1800 watts is the max amount of power found in home deep fryers. This is especially a hard find on smaller deep fryers as typically only the larger fryers offer max power. (More power in a small deep fryer only means the deep fryer should heat up quicker and maintain its temperature throughout)
  • Detachable parts allow for an easy clean


  • Overall Aigostar Ken provides customers with a high satisfaction rate. However, when people do want to complain, sometimes they'll mention that they feel the stainless steel structure is too thin and feels a bit on the cheap side.

Why We Chose It

The Aigostar Deep Fryer is a good addition due to its compact size, stainless steel build, and high wattage. It'll get the job done quickly without a doubt. At three liters, it's the perfect mid-sized fryer that can be used for a little as one person or as many as four.

You can check out our full review of the Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer Here.

T-Fal FF492D Mini Deep Fryer (Best Mini Deep Fryer)


  • If mini fryer is truly your goal, this is roughly as small as you're going to get. Anything smaller and you may lose some practicality out of it.
  • Offers similar features to most deep fryers including a temperature gauge, on and off lights, and a fry basket.
  • Push button to open lid


  • Even though this deep fryer is extremely small, we feel it should offer more than 850 watts. It simply doesn't always heat up as quickly as you think it should, which can be a bit annoying, especially at first. We believe you can find better options when it comes to deep frying for around the same price, although we never truly believed in the idea of a "mini" deep fryer to begin with.

Why we Chose it

While it lacks power and flash, it's a mini-fryer after all. This is best for a single individual with portion control in mind. Even single users could find mini deep fryers too small if they simply want to indulge on a load of salty fries.

You can check out our full review of the T-Fal FF492D Mini Deep Fryer Review here.

T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer (Best Premium/Expensive)


  • We opted with the T-Fal FR8000 over popular "premium" brands such as All-Clad because we felt the T-Fal model offered everything you could possibly need.
  • Features include removable parts, stainless steel sleek design, decent size at 3.5 liters, and a nice lid with a see-through panel.
  • Truly what helps this deep fryer stand out is that it's one of the only available models that can filter and store your oil. This keeps your oil clean and allows your to clean your deep fryer in the easiest way possible.


Oddly enough, the biggest problem with the T-Fal FR8000 isn't with the deep fryer itself, but with customer service. When you're buying a premium product, you simply expect a little more in return. That being said, even the perfect product will cause an occasional issue for at least a few customers. If you purchase anything from T-Fal, you're not going to get much in return with their lacking customer service team.

Why we Chose It

We really liked this T-Fal model because its sleek, offers all of the standard features of most stainless steel fryer with detachable parts. Finally, it allows you to drain and clean your oil into a small storage container. This is likely the most annoying part of owning a deep fryer for many, as oil can be annoying to constantly drain and clean. However, with this model, the problem is minimized into an afterthought.

You can check out our full review of the T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer here. 

Presto 06003 and 06006 Deep Fryer/Multi Cooker (Best Cheap/Versatile)


  • For the money, you're simply not going to find a better value. It can switch interchangeably as a deep fryer and a steam cooker. Its basically two small appliances for the price of one.
  • Still offers a temperature setter, fry basket, and lid like any other deep fryer.
  • Relatively large compared to most deep fryers
  • The difference between the 06003 and 06006 models is simply the size of the unit. The 06006 model offers five quart capacity. The 06003 model is slightly larger at a six  quart capacity.


The biggest downfall with this product is that unlike most deep fryers, these models come as one connected piece. This can make things a bit harder to clean as you'll have to be careful around the electrical components.

Why We Chose It

Its versatility trumps nearly everything in our deep fryer list. If you're looking for the most versatile fryer while trying to stay with an affordable price, the Presto 06003 and 06006 models are the best option. They're very similar to the Presto Fry Daddy, which we have high regards for, as you'll see shortly.

You can check out our full comparison review of the Presto 06003 and 06006 here.

Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer (Best Stainless Steel)


  • Unlike some of Cuisinart's deep fryer models, this is the rare hit. It's constructed with a very light stainless steel look.
  • Its detachable parts and enameled interior pot make for an extremely easy clean
  • It comes in a range of sizes ranging from 2 quarts all the way up to 5 liters. Size simply isn't an issue.
  • Its 1800 watts offer maximum power.


Here's yet another perfect example of a pretty highly regarded product being offered by a manufacturing team that puts little effort into the customer service. Similar to T-Fal, if you have any problems with your device, you really shouldn't expect any feasible help from the company itself.

Why we Chose it

We're not the biggest fans of most Cuisinart's deep fryers, however this is definitely the outlier. Its range of sizes, sleek look, high wattage, and easy to clean features make it a hit for almost anybody seeking a new deep fryer. This is also one of the few options with an enameled inner pot. This makes it one of the easiest deep fryers to clean without a doubt.

You can check out our full review of the Cuisinart CDF-200P1 deep fryer here.

Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer (Best Cool Touch)


  • It's super easy to clean compared to most cool touch deep fryers. Its removable non-stick interior makes it super easy to clean. Better yet, the lid is even detachable in case that starts to get a little grimy.
  • It has some added safety features compared to most fryers because it has the capability of lifting food out of the oil before you even have to open the lid. This helps reduce oil spilling and splashing for the cleanest experience possible.


While this is our favorite cool touch deep fryer, it still defaults with the bulky appearance. As with any cool touch deep fryer, you're likely paying a little more for a deep fryer that offers a little less capacity. Its simply the trade off you have to be willing to make with a cool touch deep fryer.

Why We Chose It

The biggest reason we prefer the Hamilton Beach model over other cool touch models is simple. Unlike most cool touch fryers, we actually find it easy to clean. 

You can check out our full review of the Cool Touch Hamilton Beach Fryer Here.

Delonghi D44528DZ livenza easy clean Deep Fryer (Best Oil Filtration System)


  • Stainless steel and digital for a sleek look
  • Drain spout for easy oil drain and storage
  • Large food capacity


  • On the Expensive Side
  • Reports of the drain malfunctioning on some models

Why We Chose It

This was one of the toughest categories to choose from. When it comes to oil filtration, there are usually two possible systems. There's the system that filtrates oil through to a new container located underneath the deep fryer. That's exactly what the T-Fal FR8000 does, and we've given that deep fryer the prize of best premium deep fryer.

The other way a deep fryer can help filtrate oil is by offering a oil drain spout. This is simply a spout at the bottom of the deep fryer that when turned on, lets out all the oil. Think of it like a giant Gatorade cooler with a spout. It simply makes it to where you don't have to try and turn a deep fryer sideways to dump the oil. Its easy, and the oil comes out in a very small diameter, ensuring its mess free.

Because some deep fryers with oil filtration can skyrocket with price, we tried to find a solution that more people may be willing to pay.

Overall we feel this DeLonghi deep fryer model is sleek, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, powerful, and even offers unique ways to sort out some of the bigger particles from the food. Its definitely one of the better deep fryers on the market today.

Check out the full review for the DeLonghi Deep Fryer here.

How to Choose a Deep Fryer

There's not a single one size fits all when it comes to deep fryers. Everybody is going to want something different. To find the perfect deep fryer for you, you'll want to check out these things to consider.

  1. Size: Believe it or not, size does matter. Consider what you're making in the deep fryer as well as how many people you're trying to serve.
  2. Detachable Parts: Note: detachable parts usually mean an easier to clean experience. Detachable parts are often dish washer safe. Additionally, a detachable heating element means you don't need to worry about accidentally getting the electrical parts wet when washing your deep fryer.
  3. Oil Filtration/Draining: Some of the more premium deep fryers offer their own oil filtration systems or drain spouts to make it easier than ever to clean your oil. It comes at a cost but provides the ultimate convenience.
  4. Cool Touch: These fancy deep fryers offer cool touch exteriors. While they're usually a bit bulkier and limited in oil capacity, these are the safest deep fryers to be around, if safety is a major concern for you.
  5. Indoor vs Outdoors: These deep fryers primarily focus on electrical indoor deep fryers. However, if you're looking for something else, there are plenty of outside propane based deep fryers.
  6. Fry Baskets: Fry baskets offer convenience to put in or take out food with ease. Although they take away some of the space in the deep fryer, they're typically more beneficial than not. Some fryers even come with two dual baskets for side-by-side use.
  7. Price: Of course everybody loves the the most expensive high quality features that exist. However, budge always needs to be considered before deciding on your purchase. If you're willing to spend, nothing is off limits. However, if you already know your price range, you may be looking at deep fryers that are cheaper for one reason or another.
  8. Construction Material: From stainless steel to cast iron and everything in-between, there are several different materials deep fryers are made out of. We personally recommend a stainless steel build as it's easily to clean when maintained regularly. Optionally, an enameled coated deep fryer pot also isn't a bad idea.

What Size Deep Fryer do you need?

Deep fryers have a large range of sizes, from under 1 liter to over 4 liters. Trying to figure out the perfect size for you may be difficult, especially if you've never owned one before. It's important to note that people often to try overfill their deep fryers thinking they can get more out of it. However, that can lead to multiple problems.

Additionally, if you purchase a deep fryer that is way too big, then you're going to use a lot more oil than you want. So how do you figure out the size that you  need?

The most important factors when figuring the best size for a deep fryer is oil capacity, food size, and time. Learning the oil or food capacity will help you make your decision. For example, if you truly want to make an honest assessment, if a deep fryer says it has a 2 liter food capacity, pour fries into a measuring cup to get the results. You can then judge if that's enough fries for what you may want to make.

You should also consider that deep frying is one of the fastest methods of cooking. You can make several batches of food by deep frying faster than you can make a single batch in the oven typically. So if you end up getting something a little too small, you should survive.

Different Kinds of Deep Fryers

Electrical- An electric fryer is your standard kitchen deep fryer. It plugs into an outlet and is powered by electricity. Most deep fryers are considered electric deep fryers. These can range from mini sized to 4-5 liters.

Outdoor/Propane Fryer- A propane deep fryer sounds exactly as it. These deep fryers are popular for frying turkeys. You can check out our best turkey fryers here. Propane fryers are meant to be used outside, which is why outdoor/propane fryers typically mix together as a category in itself.

Air fryer- An air fryer is also an electrical fryer. The biggest distinction between a deep fryer and an air fryer is that the deep fryer uses oil, and the air fryer does not. Instead, the air fryer uses steam to cook through foods. This has been deemed at a healthier alternative to deep fryer, although some argue on the final results when it comes to flavor.

How to Clean a Deep Fryer

In essence, deep fryers are typically easy to clean when done appropriately. Here's a full guide on how to clean a deep fryer.

In essence if you're skimming/straining your oil after each use and ensuring the oil doens't go bad, the cleaning of the deep fryer is typically easy. If you're cleaning after each use, it's usually as simple as wiping down the parts and ensuring the electrical components aren't exposed to water. This is usually easy as most deep fryers come with detachable parts that are even dish washer safe.

When to Change Oil in a Deep Fryer

If you're unsure of when to change the oil in your deep fryer, you simply need to follow your senses. If the oil starts to alter in taste, color, or smell, it may be time to change out your oil. Additionally, if your oil starts to smoke, it may also be a key indicator. You can check out our full guide on how often to change your deep fryer oil here.

Best Deep Fryer Brands and Manufacturers

When it comes to deep fryers, there are many brands, some of which stand out more than others.

What is our preferred deep Fryer Brand?

Our best rated Deep Fryer Brand is Presto. They not only have the largest selection of deep fryers, we find many of their deep fryers hitting on this very list. This means they know how to make affordable and quality deep fryers. In fact, they're one of the first companies in the United States to make the deep fryer.

Our second favorite brand of deep fryer manufacturers probably has to be given to T-Fal. They're a very reputable brand that can be found making many quality kitchen products from appliances to smaller equipment such as frying pans. If you've had to buy a lot of kitchen equipment/supplies in the past, you probably know all about T-Fal.

How to use a Deep Fryer

While every deep fryer is different, it's typically very easy. You can check out the complete guide here.

In essence, you'll want to follow these basic steps

  1. Fill your deep fryer (make sure not to over-fill it)
  2. Plug in your deep fryer and turn it on (some have on/off switches and some turn on by turning up the temperature gauge)
  3. Set your temperature if you haven't already
  4. Place your food into the fry basket and slowly lower it into the oil
  5. Deep fry the food for the specified amount of time
  6. Raise your food out, let the oil drain for a few seconds, and dump your food onto your prepping surface (paper towel lined plate, pan, ect).
  7. Return your fry basket and turn off oil

You can read the full guide on how to use a deep fryer here.

Final Thoughts

There are at least 100 deep fryers (some no longer being manufactured) to choose from. Oddly enough, there isn't always a ton of ways for the competition to separate themselves. That leads you looking at deep fryer after deep fryer, becoming more confused the more you look at. We recommend finding the right priorities for your deep fryer. What's important to you really does matter. From a deep fryer's price point to its unique features, you should know what you're looking for before you even begin your search. That's exactly why we split up all of the best deep fryers into select categories. Each category is hand crafted because it fills a need for somebody. We hope we've helped you find the perfect deep fryer for you. If you have a personal favorite and want to share your insight with everybody, please leave a comment down below.