10 Tips to Deep Fry without making a Mess!

Tips to Deep Fry without making a Mess
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Nobody likes a deep fryer covered in streaks of grease, slime, and old food particles. It’s ugly to look at, disgusting to use, and it’s surely to turn some heads. That being said, there are numerous things you can do to ensure your deep fryer and the surrounding area not only get cleaner but remain cleaner. Follow these tips to deep fry without making a mess.


Overview of How to Deep Fry without Making a Mess

Here’s a quick bullet point presentation to lightly touch each of the ways to keep your deep fryer and the surrounding area as clan as you can

  1. Some deep fryers are easier to keep clean than others. We’ll give you a low down of what to look for before choosing your deep fryer to ensure you can properly keep your kitchen clean. Some of these features such as lids are simple, while others such as removable parts may be out of mind for some buyers.
  2. Ensuring your food isn’t wet when putting it into the deep fryer will ensure less splashing goes on. Less splashing equals less mess.
  3. Following the fill line guidelines ensure you won’t cause an overflow of oil. Nothing gets messier than an oil spill.
  4. Don’t put too much food into your baskets. Over stuffing your fryer baskets can not only cause an improper cooking experience, but it could very easily cause a bigger mess at the end of the day.
  5. Cleaning your deep fryer and replacing the oil, as scary as that may sound, does wonder in keeping the surrounding area mess-free.

Tip#1 Get the right Deep Fryer

When it comes to having a mess free deep fryer, sometimes its just about getting a deep fryer that offers certain features. We’ll categorize features into three categories: Must-Have, Convenient, and Must-Avoid.

Must-Have Features for an Easy Mess-Free Deep Fryer

  • Lid: If you own a deep fryer, you should definitely get one with a lid. Almost every model should have a lid, however, there are a select few that either don’t have a lid, or only offer a lid for storage (meaning you shouldn’t deep fry with the lid on). This simply reduces some of the oil that may or may not pop out of the fryer.
  • Detachable Washable Parts: Detachable parts usually include a base, detachable pot, detachable power source, basket, and lid. The most important detachable part is going to be the detachable inner pot. This is where all the oil goes, so it’ll get messy no matter what. Having a deep fryer with a detachable pot won’t prevent a mess from happening, but it’ll be much easier to clean up. Check out how to properly clean your deep fryer here.

Convenient Features for a Mess-Free Deep Fryer

  •  Pouring Spout– One of the easiest ways to make a mess with your deep fryer is by changing out its oil. If your Deep fryer has a removable pot, it’s much easier to clean. However, if that removable pot also has a pouring spout, its even easier to pour your oil into a smaller width container without spilling it.
  • Filtration System– This feature is probably too fancy/expensive for most buyers, but a deep fryer with its own oil filtration system can easily clean your oil without having to dump or transfer it anywhere. This Delonghi Fryer is a great example of a deep fryer with a built in filtration system.

Features to avoid for a Mess-Free Deep Fryer

  • Cool-Touch Deep Fryers: Cool-touch technology allows for the exterior of a deep fryer to remain cool enough to touch even what the oil is boiling at 375°F. As nice of a safety feature as that is, it can make the deep fryer a huge pain in the buttocks to clean. If you want an easy to clean and mess free experience, we recommend stepping away from the cool-touch deep fryers. If instead, you want something safer, we have no issues with cool touch deep fryers.

Tip#2 Dry food before Deep Frying

A lot of people, if not most, are well aware that if you add water to a grease fire, it’s going to spread rapidly instead of die down. However, some of these same people don’t consider this before putting food into a deep fryer. Oil is not too much different from grease. Water does not react well with oil. We even wrote a whole artilce about it (video included). That being said, if you’re frying fresh food such as vegetables, its best to dry off the food as best as you can before putting it into the deep fryer.

The same thing applies with frozen foods, such as a bag of french fries. You shouldn’t simply dump the bag without paying attention. If the fries sit a bit in the freezer, its not too uncommon to see chunks of ice get stuck in the bag. By simply dumping the bag into your fryer basket, you’re going to get more ice than you want put into the fryer. 

Tip #3 Fill Lines

Every deep fryer has a recommended fill line in some capacity. Some lines are actually marked on the deep fryer itself. While others are found in the instruction booklet by giving you a max oil capacity amount. In fact, if you follow these guidelines, you could probably get away with deep frying without a lid. Most of the oil isn’t going to splash enough to actually exit the deep fryer. Its a simple tip, but if you follow it, the chances of creating a mess go drastically down.

Tip #4 Don’t Overflow your Deep Fryer

Tips #3 and #4 go hand-in-hand. If you’re filling your basket with too much oil, the chances are you’re filling your baskets with too much food to accommodate. Assuming you’re not over your oil fill lines, as long as all your food submerges into the oil, you’re not over filling the baskets. Being mindful of not overfilling your baskets is usually enough to prevent from creating a mess from overfilling the deep fryer.

Tip #5 Clean your Deep Fryer

There are many reasons to clean your deep fryer. You deep fryer may have a longer life because of it, your food is likely to taste better, and its healthier overall. I remember my Mom having a deep fryer when I was a mere child. It had no removable pot, and it almost never got cleaned. That thing was a stained kitchen spot to say the least. By simply cleaning out your fryer, your at least trying to keep your appliance and surrounding area clean. If you’re not sure when to change the oil, check out our guide to help you out. 


We’ve long been out of the 20th century. Our appliances are easier to keep tidy more than ever. Deep fryers are no different. Even if you have a older model with less convenient features, if you follow these deep fryer tips, you’re surely to prevent a mess from happening. Your cleaner kitchen will thank you for it. 

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