7 Best Alternatives to Deep Frying

7 Best Alternatives to Deep Frying
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Even though I would never turn down a great deep fried dish, there are plenty of alternate methods to complete a tasty meal. Whether you’re trying to find something a little healthier, juicy, or more tasteful, these 7 alternative methods to deep frying will knock your socks off.

Overview to 7 Alternatives to Deep Frying

  1. Bake and Deep Fry (Eliminates some oil and provides some crispiness)
  2. Bake & Stir Fry (Eliminates most oil and also provides some crispiness)
  3. Air Frying (Eliminates all oil and is very versitile)
  4. Steaming (Oil free and tenderizes food extremely well)
  5. Grilling (Marinating and grilling provides amazing smoked flavor)
  6. Oven Baking (Oil free and simplest method to cook)
  7. Roasting (Oil free, very simple, and can make the blandest dishes pop with flavor)

Why find an alternative to Deep Frying

There are two plausible reasons for you to be on this page. The first is you don’t have a deep fryer yet love deep fried food. The second may be that you find deep frying too unhealthy. Even if you have a different reason to stepping onto this page, these 7 alternative methods should provide you with enough ideas to experiment new dishes with new methods.

Alternative Method #1 Bake & Deep Fry

This method may sound silly, but it’s most definitely worth a mention. By oven baking your food completely followed by a quick deep fry, the food doesnt need to sit in the fryer long. Even better, the food is already cooked, so it doesn’t need to enter the process of cooking through your food. Your oil temperature should stay higher as well, preventing oil from entering the food and creating a soggy mess. This isn’t the healthiest alternative to deep frying here, but it does help eliminate some of the oil.

Alternative Method #2 Bake & Stir Fry

Alternative to Deep Frying Stir Fry

Stir Frying is a great alternative to Deep Frying!

We chose this method second because it may be the closest thing to deep frying without actually deep frying. The premise of this method is to oven bake a food of your choice followed by a fairly quick stir fry. The food will cook in the oven, and the stir fry will provide a lot less oil than deep frying yet provide a crispier texture.


  •  Because your food isn’t going to stir fry for long, it usually makes sense to complete oven bake your food.
  • When stir frying, get your pan filled with a little bit of oil and heated up to 350° F. 
  • Remember that anytime oil decreases in temperature, it can produce soggy food. That said, don’t add too much food to your stir-fry at once.
  • Because you’ll be stir frying with somewhat limited oil, this works best with flat food, such as cut meats.

Alternative Method #3  Air Frying

Its 2020, and it’s not unrealistic to say that air frying may be more popular in households than the traditional method of deep frying. Why? Because you can air fry anything. It’s very similar to a portable oven in a way. Its the healthy choice, hence its the popular choice. Many air fryers also have methods of at least adding some oil to your food whether its spray bottles to slightly coat your food in oil to provide a crispier experience.

Alternative Method #4 Steaming

Steaming food may be losing popularity among some of the new generations, but it most definitely gets the job done. Steaming is a great way for your food to hold its flavor and juicy tendencies. You can avoid the oil altogether. Steaming can be done over the stove or with a smaller appliance. Overall, steaming is great for vegetables because you don’t lose a lot of its nutritional value, and the veggies become very tenderized and juicy to eat.

Alternative Method #5 GrillingAlternative to Deep Frying Grilling

It may seem silly to include grilling as an alternative to deep frying but why not? People grill all kinds of the same food that seem people like to deep fry including chicken, vegetables, shrimp, and more. Grilling provides a nice smoked flavor and can provide its own crisps tastes, depending on what you are grilling. Also, you’re able to marinate most things before you grill to really let your flavors sink it. If you try and marinate before deep frying, you’re going to lose most of the pre-cooked flavor.

Alternative Method #6 Oven Baking

We’ve already discussed oven baking followed by deep frying or stir frying, but a simple oven bake may be one of the best alternatives to deep frying. Why? Because it may be the simplest method of cooking. There’s usually not much involved when your oven baking. As long as your have the correct temperature and cook time, there’s almost nothing more to it. Although occasionally you’ll need to take your food out and flip it, to ensure an even cook. It may not be the best option when it comes to taste, but always remember you can oven bake nearly anything from vegetables to even bacon.

Alternative Method #7 Roast and Oven Bake

This method is almost as easy as simply oven baking, but it provides much more flavor. Roasting something in the oven simply means you’re dipping or spraying your food with a little bit of oil and adding your own seasoning to the food. This is simply called caramelizing your food.  Its the best method to ensure even bland vegetables or meats come out with an added burst of flavors.


When all is said and done, there are an infinite amount of ways to cook your food without deep frying if you so chose to do so. Whether those methods include reduced oils or even completely eliminating oils from your dish, these alternative methods to deep frying should get the job done. So overall, what is your preferred method to avoid deep frying? Comment down below.

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