Anolon Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan Review

Anolon Frying Pan Review
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We’ve spent quite a bit of time reviewing different frying pans, and the Anolon Hard Anodized Frying Pan is up there with some of our favorites. Its price point isn’t too much higher than some lower end pans, but in return, you’re getting one of the better quality frying pans on the market. There’s nothing like paying mid-level prices for high level quality. While none of its features are fancy enough to blow you away, its remarkableness comes from its construction quality above all else. Check out our review to learn everything you need to know before deciding on a purchase. 

Quick Overview






  • PFOA Free
  • Uses Riveted Handles
  • Available in multiple sizes and sets
  • Durability is Great


  • Not quite as scratch proof as it claims

Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Frying Pan Review

Features of Anolon Frying Pans

When it comes to the features of the Anolon Hard Anodized Non-Stick frying pan, its not going to blow you away with anything. In fact, even though its features give it a nice look, at the end of the day, they are fairly basic.

Riveted Handle

Like most quality frying pans, Anolon has decided to go with a riveted handle. This means the handles will always remain in place and never become loose over time. Better yet, the rivets on the inside of the pan are actually stainless steel, so they do offer a nice look.

Sizes and Purchase Options

Unfortunately, most of the time merchants only two core purchasable options when it comes to cookware. You can either buy the one frying pan or the huge 13 piece set. It can feel a bit annoying, because you’re losing out money by buying the pieces individually, yet sometimes you either can’t afford the full set, or simply don’t have a need for everything it may include.

Luckily, the Anolon Hard Anodized Non-Stick line up comes with several buying options, including multiple cookware sets, with different coating colors available. You can also purchase a few different duo sets of frying pans to help you save. Overall, their frying pan sizes range from 8″ and go up to 14″. 

If you want to check out everything they have to offer, check it out here.

While we understand this may not be the biggest deal to many, especially those simply looking for a frying pan, but it does show the company has quite a bit of experience in cookware by having offered so many different model types.


The frying pan/skill we reviewed did not come with a lid, although its their smallest sized pan at 8″. Most of their larger products including many frying pans and sauce pans include a temper glass lid.

Construction Material

The core of the Anolon Frying pan is constructed out of hard anodized aluminum. It shows in the weight of the frying pan. While not over bearing, the pan definitely doesn’t feel “cheap” so to speak. Also, similar to what we’ve seen in some premium frying pans, the anolon pan offers a 3-layer non-stick coating. This is to ensure there are no flakes or scratches with the non-stick coating.

The handles are ergonomically crafted to fit your hand well. Partially covered in stainless steel with some plastic for an improved feel. Anolon has actually named their handle design as the “Anolon SureGrip”. Its something that can be found on all of their cookware products. 


Its one thing to talk a big game about the construction quality of a product, but the real answers come from the durability of the product. Thus far, I haven’t seen many complaints among customers regarding the non-stick coating running short on life span. Of course, over time it’s going to dissipate just like any other non-stick coating. However, if you follow the instructions and use your pan properly, it should at least last a few years before you start to lose the non-stick feature.


If you’ve ever checked out some of our reviews, you know we’ll keep it straight with you. We’re not here to sell a product. We evaluate them, good or bad. However, there isn’t much to dislike about the Anolon Frying Pan. Its well-constructed, durable, and simple. While its not as cheap as a low-tier frying pan, its quality competes with some premium frying pans.

That being said, if we had to nitpick anything, it would be Anolon’s scratch-resistance claim. Yes, the frying pan is most definitely scratch resistant. However, they also give customers the okay to use metal utensils. Overall, sure you can use them, but over time don’t be surprised if you end up with a few scratches because of it.


Sometimes simplicity is key. We feel like because Anolon makes so many variations of cookware, they’re able to spend time investing in quality construction while keeping prices more than fair. Their simplistic designs allow them to focus on what really matters, which is a durable and completely safe non-stick coating. Overall, the Anolon Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan is one of our greatest values among frying pans.

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