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How to Deep Fry Fish

Best Oil to Deep Fry Fish

How to Deep Fry Fish from Home: Everything you need to KnowHave you ever had deep fried fish? Its nice and crunchy exterior goes extremely well with its juicy interior, especially with a side of your favorite dipping sauce. That’s not to mention deep frying fish from is easier than you might think. The hardest […]

How to Deep Fry Candy Bars at Home

Deep Fried Candy Bar

Given time, people will try and find a way to deep fry anything. From water to eggs to vegetables, the list goes on and on. So if you stop and turn your head when you hear the words “deep fried candy” just know a lot of people have tried their own variations of it. It’s […]

How to Deep Fry Oreos at Home

How to make Deep Fried Oreos

So you’ve heard about the deep fried Oreo craze? If you haven’t had many deep fried sweets before, that combination may not even make sense to you. How do you prevent an Oreo from simply absorbing in all the oil? Does it even taste good? We’ll answer all your questions on why deep frying an Oreo […]

Best Frying Pans made in the USA

Best Frying Pans made in the USA

There are literally thousands upon thousands of options for frying pans. Most of these options are outsourced to countries outside the United States. Much of the time it’s simply cheaper for companies to go this route. However, there are a handful of companies that put forth an effort to ensure their cookware is crafted in […]

Best Grill Pan for Vegetables

Best grill pans for vegetables

There’s nothing quite like grilled food on a hot summer day… or even a snowy winter night. It’s a taste that’s hard to replicate, whether you’re grilling meat or even vegetables. While some would never attest to the similarities, vegetables are an easier food to replicate on the grill thanks to their shorter cook times. […]

Best Nonreactive Pan For Acidic Foods: Complete Guide

Best Pan for Acidic Foods

If you cook a lot of foods that happen to be acidic, then you already understand the importance in your cookware. Many popular cookware materials such as aluminum and cast iron are considered reactive metals. These metals react with acidic foods to cause discoloration and even change the food’s flavor. In order to cook acidic foods, […]

Best Pan for Cooking Bacon at Home

Best frying pan for bacon

Everybody loves bacon, but not everybody enjoys frying it. That’s because bacon is very oily. With that comes a lot of oil to drain as well as a lot of oil splashing while the bacon is being cooked. Now, some people don’t mind the extra troubles for that delicious result. For the rest of us, […]

Best 5-quart or larger Nonstick Saute Pans

Best 5-Quart Nonstick Saute Pan

Sometimes you simply need a large saute pan to get the job done. However, cookware has absolutely flooded the market. We’re here to identify the best 5-quart and larger nonstick saute pans currently available. Whether you’re on a budget, need a pan with a lid, or need something that can transfer into the oven, we’ve […]

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