Bayou Classic 700-701 (4-Gallon) Review

Bayou Classic 700-701 Review
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Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Design allows for oil to heat up quickly and remain heated
  • Oil Drain System
  • Holds up to 4 Gallon


  • Louder than one might expect
  • Expensive
  • No wheels for mobility

Whether you're cooking in a professional setting or for a large gathering, the Bayou Classic 700-701 will get the job done. It offers a stainless steel base with a propane tank hook-up. To allow for a more natural height, the base comes with extension legs.

With this propane deep fryer, you're going to be able to use two baskets to deep fry a lot of food at once. Even better, with its V-tank design, the oil stays heated no matter how much food you toss into it. This fryer would make a great addition for your backyard for parties, family gatherings, and more.

Bayou Classic 700-701 Deep Fryer Review

Who is this product for?

This product is great for anyone that wants to fry food in an outdoor setting. If you've used a propane grill before, or know how they work, there's not a lot of new things to learn. 

Really what it comes down to is the type of food you enjoy deep frying, for how many people, and how often. Some foods are hard to deep fry within the home because they can be bulky. Foods such as chicken wings or fish can take up a lot of space. The Bayou Classic 700-701 can easily handle these types of food. The other factor is how many people do you typically plan to deep fry for? With an indoor home fryer, if you have a big family or gathering, you'll have to make additional batches, sometimes many more. It would be much easier to cut those batches down in a large fryer that isn't going to drop in temperature as you deep fry more and more food.

What’s included?

The Bayou Classic 700-701 comes packaged in a 47 pound box. You'll find that the pieces are safe and secure during the delivery process. Once you have all the pieces, you'll find that this Bayou deep fryer is extremely easy to assemble. Despite its larger size, it should only take about 15-30 minutes to assemble, depending on your expertise. 

Overview of features

Lets start with the size of the Bayou Classic 700-701. Overall, the unit weighs 45 pounds, with a couple of additional pounds if you include the shipping box and packaging. I point this out to ensure its got a legit stainless steel structure.

More importantly is the height of the unit. With the extension legs, the fryer should rest at about waist level if you're about 6''. This will of course vary a bit based on your height, and the legs are not adjustable. It shouldn't be a problem if you're a bit shorter, as it'll simply come up closer toward your stomach/chest. However, if you're extremely tall, this unit could be a little too short for you. 

List of small accessories/features  with the unit

  • This deep fryer comes with two baskets, both which are attachable to the top of the fryer, so the food can drip dry above the oil once the cooking is done.
  • Even though it's recommended to have your own thermometer, there is a temperature gauge on the unit itself.
  • Handles are on the side of the unit to help lift when not in use.
  • V-Bottom design allows for an increasingly efficient fryer. The bottom of the fryer where the loose particles fall offer a cooler temp, preventing the particles from burning. This also helps keep the oil you're frying in hot and stable.

Safety Tips for the Bayou Classic 700-701

These safety tips for the Bayou Classic 700-701 are taken directly from their manual, which you can also find here

  • This unit is for outdoors only.
  • The Bayou Classic fryer is not be used on decks or any location with overhead surfaces. Steam needs to be able to flow freely up, without getting trapped (hence the no indoors rule).
  • The unit naturally gets extremely hot and shouldn't be touched without protective equipment until 2 hours after its been turned off.
  • Never close the lid while preheating or cooking.
  • Always use a thermometer to keep track of oil temperatures.

How to use it

Before using this unit, you'll want to make sure you're in the right environment. Are you 10 feet from any structures and 25 feet from any flammable liquids? Are you on a concrete or similar flooring? (Do not use this unit on your deck). Do you have clear space above your fryer? No overhangs or anything that would trap in fumes. If you're all clear, you can begin heating up your unit.

In order to heat up your Bayou Classic 700-701 fryer, you'll need a propane tank to attach to your fryer. This is done by an assembly hose. Once connected, you can turn on your propane tank gas flow and ensure the flame lights up. The fryer doesn't take long to heat up, it may be as quick as 10 minutes.

When heating up the fryer, its recommended to keep your baskets in with the oil. While it may sound odd, having the baskets already preheated will help prevent batter from sticking to the baskets themselves. If you're frying multiple batches, this is really only an issue with your first batch since after the first batch your baskets will likely remain heated until the unit is turned off.

Once heated, lift your baskets, pour the food into the baskets, and then drop the food slowly into the fryer. Ensure somebody is there to ensure the oil remains at a proper level at all times, as a safety precaution more than anything else.

Once done, lift your food up and attach it to the slots at the top of the fryer to let the food hang above the oil and drip dry a little before taking the food completely out.

Proceed by turning off your gas and allowing the fryer to cool for two hours before attempting to drain the oil and cleaning out the fryer.

How the Bayou Classic 700-701 Stands Out

There are a few key areas where the features match with the production and efficiency of the unit.

1) One of the greatest things about this fryer is that even at its size, it will reach a temperature and maintain in no matter how much food you put in it. Some fryers tend to drop temp as soon as you put a bunch of cold food into it, which makes sense. However, with the Bayou Classic 700-701, your desired temperature will hold without a doubt.

2) Another great feature in this fryer is its draining system. It's quick and easy to use and efficient in cleaning the oil out to a degree. With the unit comes a drain valve and hose. If you have a nice and sturdy container to hold your oil for its next use, the draining process shouldn't take more than five minutes.

How it could improve

Even though the Bayou Classic 700-701 is a great deep fryer, it does have what some may perceive as flaws. First, the extender legs don't offer any sort of wheels, meaning it can be a little difficulty to move around when not in use, depending on the strength of the person moving it around.

Secondly, the flame isn't completely enclosed, meaning strong winds can blow it out. We're talking legit strong winds. Any light breeze isn't going to affect the flame, especially if you have the fryer facing the right direction.

Lastly, the noise of the fryer as the oil is heated may surprise somebody who has never used this type of fryer. It's a big stainless frame with burning oil. Even with the open top, it's going to get loud. No way somebody accidentally bumps into this thing not knowing it's on. This is less of how this fryer could improve and more of a warning so nobody is surprised by how loud it is.

Overall this is powerful little fryer, perfect for portable use or storing in a small space. It is best suited for personal or family use. Make sure you check the dimensions and determine which size is best for your needs.


Overall the Bayou Classic 700-701 is a beast of a fryer. It'll cook a lot of food at once. Its design helps it heat up fast and remain heated no matter what you throw in your fryer. Its a unit that's really only necessary if you plan on frying for 6+ people on multiple occasions throughout the year. Whether your family is simply large or you enjoy gatherings with friends or families, the Bayou Classic 700-701 will get the job done overall. Because of its sheer size, draining of the oil is super easy allowing you to save most of your oil for next use, which is important because a large fryer takes in a lot of oil. One of the primary downsides of this fryer is that it doesn't come with any set of wheels, meaning the fryer can be a bit awkward to move around into or out of a storage area. Overall, we'd recommend the Bayou Classic 700-701 because it does more right than not, even at its high price point.

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