Bayou Classic SP10 Review

Bayou Classic SP10 Review
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The new updated version of the Bayou Classic SP10 makes for a great way of cooking food with a propane tank. The unit itself is known to be highly sturdy with good construction qualities. Whether you’re trying to boil, steam, or deep fry, the SP10 should work great for you.

Quick Overview






  • Highly Stable for larger weights
  • 4 foot steel braided connection line for your propane
  • 360° Wind protection


  • Paint Chips

Specifications/List of Features

  • Dimensions: The cooking surface is 14 inches in diameter each direction. The legs stick out beyond that, so the length/width of the unit should be about 18 inches. The height of the unit is 14 inches from the ground if you include the cooking surface.
  • Offers 360° wind protection remaining prepared for outside elements
  • 14 inch diameter cooking surface (it's recommended you use at least a 12-inch pan/pot)
  • 48 in steel braided hose allows for a sturdy and safe connection for your propane to pressure cooker

Bayou Classic SP10 - 14-in High Pressure Cooker

Who is this product for?

Overall the Bayou Classic SP10 is made for anybody looking to cook with a propane tank outside. Whether you're camping or at home, this unit has many uses for many people. It could be used to deep fry a turkey or steam a huge pot of vegetables. It can even be used for home brews. The uses are almost endless, and with such a sturdy base, you can use pretty large pots with this unit.

What’s included?

When you order the Bayou Classic SP10 you'll be receiving a 14 pound box. Within the box you'll find the one piece welded base/pressure cooker. With the unit you'll receive a set of parts including the braided hose, a 10-psi regulator, and a brass valve to control the propane flow. You'll also be receiving an instruction manual to inform you how to use the SP10 unit.

We highly suggest reading the manual before use to ensure you're able to safely operate around the use of this propane based burner.

Overview of features

In this portion of the review, we look to cover all the good and bad features of the Bayou Classic SP10 burner.

Good Features

  • 360° Wind Protection- This is definitely an under rated feature. A lot of outside products from burners to fryers actually miss on this type of feature. The protected walls will protect your flame  meaning you won't have to and relight your flame over and over again.
  • Durability/Craftsmanship- We've seen some pretty questionable burner stands. One of recent stands would actually start to buckle under insignificant amounts of weight when the unit heated. With the SP10, you shouldn't have to worry about that.
  • 48" Steel Braided Hose- The steel braided hose is supposed to help prevent leaks from coming out. The 48" length allows you to keep some distance from your propane tank and burner.
  • Controlled Flame- You'll have full control of your flame with your brass valve. If you're looking for a very simple flame, no problem. If you're looking to bring the heat, it'll be just as easy.

Bad Features

Sadly, not even this Bayou Classic SP10 is perfect. We've got one main problem with the unit.

  • Paint- We're not sure if this unit shouldn't been left unpainted, but the paint can be a little problematic in the area where the flame releases. When you first use the SP10 burner, you'll notice the area around the flame, the paint will chip off because of the heat. This can cause a certain smell during your first use. We've actually seen some people recommend running the unit for a bit before the first use because of this. The paint itself can be messy to try and clean as well, as the chipped paint can smear on your clothes if you're not careful. We're not entirely sure what the answer would be to fix this, however, it's a small price to pay for an overall great unit.


If you're looking for a propane based burner, you may also need some quality pots to cook with. It may be best to look for more Bayou Classic parts if you decided to purchase the Bayou Classic SP10. They specifically make 14" diameter pots to use with this burner. They also offer a variety of different pots. You can find these accessories easily on amazon.


Overall the Bayou Classic SP10 is our favorite burner when it comes to deep frying with a propane tank. However, with this, you'll be able to do more than just deep fry. From its quality construction to its smart design, you shouldn't have any problems with cooking outside with the elements.

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