Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters
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If you own a large deep fryer, there's a good chance you need a quick and easy way to filter it. While it's true you can buy deep fryers that have their own filter systems, sometimes, it simply can't be done. Either you already own a deep fryer you enjoy or you simply don't want to pay that much for a deep fryer. Either way, we've got you covered.

Sometimes deep fryers can be a big pain to deal with, especially big deep fryers. You have to figure out a way to easily filter and pour oil into a storage container. Given a giant pot of oil can be large and awkward, it can be difficult pouring oil into your storage container, and that's before you even consider the filtering aspect.

To help combat this, we're going to show you ways to you can easily filter your deep fryer oil, as well as show you the best products you'll need to complete these tasks.

Easiest way to filter deep fryer oil

The easiest way to filter deep fry oil is by using some sort of filtering mechanism as you dump your oil from your deep fryer to your container. Sometimes that means you'll use a funnel and strainer to strain out the food particles. While that's doable by any means, it can still be difficult, especially if you're by yourself. Why? Because you have to hold the pot of oil and slowly poor down the funnel into your container. It's even worse if you don't use a stable container. This is a big reason why many deep fryer users don't actually clean their deep fryers after each use. Instead, they let old food marinate in the oil, contaminating and spoiling the oil. We don't want that, and we know you don't either.

We're here to help eliminate the process. Did you know there are actually storage containers specifically made to filter out grease and oils. You won't need to filter your oil into a container through a funnel. Instead, you should get a storage device that strains your oil instantly. You can dump your oil from your deep fryer straight to your container by having special equipment.

The Best Oil Straining Filters and Containers

Here's our list of the best filtering/storage containers for deep fryer oils. Its based on product durability, price, size, and ease of use. 

1) Oggi 7347 Jumbo Grease Can, 4 Quart, Stainless


  • Claims to hold up to 4 Qts of Oil
  • The Strainer sits over the top nicely, making pouring oil easy.
  • Offers a lid to keep reusable oil from spoiling


  • No lip, making pouring oil more difficult
  • Can only hold roughly 3 1/2 qts of oil when using the strainer
  • Strainer could be more refined, not allowing even the smallest particles from passing through
  • No handle makes it harder to carry


We like this Oggi Grease Can because it can hold quite a bit of oil at roughly 3 1/2 qts, looks nice with stainless steel, and the strainer actually rests perfectly on the top of this bucket. We think this product could improve by offering a lip to pour oil through (although that would cause making a lid to fit nicely more difficult. We also would’ve liked handles just to make it easy to carry, in case you wanted to store the oil somewhere. Overall, it’s a great product as long as aren’t going to need to strain more than 3 1/2 qts at once



Valuetools Bacon Grease Container with Strainer


  • Comes in two available sizes: 1.3 L and 1.6 L.
  • Also in two available colors: Black and Silver
  • Non-stick coating on inside and out to prevent rusting
  • Handle on side for easier carrying
  • Lip on the pot for easy pouring


  • Strainer requires a gentle cleaning


This is our favorite bucket/strainer type of product that we’ve found so far. It’s still fairly inexpensive, and offers several features the previous model didn’t including a lip for easy pouring, a handle of the side for lifting, and a non-stick coating for rust prevention. It’s smaller however, so you’ll have to consider how big your deep fryer is, or how much oil you’d like to store at one given time. In all honesty, the only downside to this product is that you have to treat the strainer gently. It must be cleaned a specific way, which means the dish washer is out of the question. You’ll be fine as long as you follow the instructions, which can be found on its page on amazon. Overall it’s a small price to pay for a great product at a great price.


Other Deep Fryer Accessories

So maybe you don’t need a filtering/storage container combination, but there are likely other deep fryer accessories that may be of interest. Something as a fine-mesh skimmer can do wonders on cleaning your deep fryer oil, or anything else in your kitchen.

List of luxury Deep Fryer Accessories

  • Thermometers w/ clips. If your deep fryer doesn’t have a temperature gauge, it’s important that you know your temperature is correct with a thermometer. In fact, there are times many deep fryers will malfunction and display the wrong temperature time. It’s one of the most common complaints to be found on several deep fryer models. If you have your doubts about how your deep fryer is performing, double check it with a thermometer.
  • Deep Fryer Filters– Many deep fryers have a placement for deep fryer filters. These are used to help minimize or even eliminate some of the odors that may happen when deep frying. Some deep fryer models even come with a slot to insert these filters without actually providing you one (sad I know). Check your deep fryer model to see if a deep fryer filter is available for you.
  • Replacement Parts– If you’re needing of any replacement parts, it’s important to know most manufacturers will sell you parts seperately or ship them to you for free if you’re still under warranty. This mainly revolves around whether the deep fryer is still being manufactured. 

The Skimmer Spoon by AIEVE

We wanted to reveal one last product simply because we enjoyed it that much, and honestly, we believe in using clean oil. This is our favorite skimmer because it's perfect for a deep fryer. Its fine mesh will catch just about anything swimming around in your deep fryer oil. Better yet, it's relatively cheap and comes in a 2-pack, allowing you an extra one just in case. The problems with most skimmers is that their mesh count is rather small, meaning there are tons of large holes that smaller debris can pass through. The cleaner your oil, the better. The Aieve skimmer spoon will do the job. It's quite that simple.

Deep Fryer Filter Conclusion

When it comes to filtering your deep fryer oil, we take it seriously. Not all deep fryers offer automatic filtering/draining tools. Lets be real, some fryers are even a big pain in the butt to be cleaning after each use. That's why we've highlighted a select amount of products for you to really help you make cleaning your oil as easy as it could be. Why? Because we appreciate clean oil and you should too. 

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