Best Deep Fryer Thermometers for Home

Best Thermometers for Deep Frying
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When it comes to deep frying, its very important to ensure you’re frying your foods at the proper temperatures. If the temperatures are too low, oil seeps into your food creating a soggy experience. If the temperatures are too high, you may end up burning your food before you even have time to realize it. Unfortunately, not every deep fryer offers a precise temperature gauge, and to be frank, sometimes they simply malfunction. To ensure your deep frying at the correct temperature, its always important to have a spare thermometer to double check for accuracy. We’ve scoured throughout the web to find the best deep fryer thermometers on the market. Each thermometer was hand picked for its usefulness as well for its unique features.

#1 KT THERMO Deep Fry Thermometer

Pros vs Cons of KT THERMO Deep Fry Thermometer


  • Comes in 6″ and 12″ models, offering some extra versatility for the buyer
  • Temperature gauge is protected to prevent wear and tear
  • Ability to recalibrate the unit


  • Clamp can come off on certain pots/pans

#2 Polder THM-515 Thermometer

Pros and Cons of the Polder THM-515 Thermometer


  • Much sturdier clamp than previous shown model
  • Can be calibrated


  • Not necessarily designed for the shape of a deep fryer, but it still works well
  • Numbers on the gauge will wear off over time

#3 ThermoPro TP-16S Digital Thermometer

ThermoPro TP-16S Digital Thermometer Pros and Cons


  • Digital Display (with a backlight)
  • Quick Temperature Read


  • Requires Batteries
  • No clamp for constant temperature measurements

Which Thermometer to Use?

Now that we’ve given you three great yet unique options, all with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to decide which one to purchase. However, we cannot make that decision for you. It really depends on what you’re okay with, feature-wise. Everybody is likely to have a different opinion on the matter. I personally like the third and final option, the ThermoPro TP-165 because it also works great with meat, and it just so happens that I cook a lot of meat. However, if you’re a big turkey fryer, it may be more important for you to have a constant temperature reading, which would leave you to one of the first two options shown above. Ultimately, the best deep fryer thermometer is going to be based on your own needs.

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Why you should have a Thermometer for your Deep Fryer

If you own a deep fryer and honestly enjoy using it, its probably because you enjoy the cripsy and juicy food that it provides. The temperature of a deep fryer is one of the most important aspects of frying food to perfection. When the temperature is too low, oil seeps into the food. However, when the temperature is just right, the oil crisps the exterior of the food, while steaming the inside of the food. If the oil does seep into the food, it becomes a soggy disaster.

A lot of deep fryers have temperature dials that don’t truly show you the current temperature. Sure it may read 3-4 numbers on the dial, but ultimately, you’re trying to guesstimate in-between each of the numbers. Sadly, that’s just one of the problems you may encounter when trying to find the correct temperature.

Sometimes people don’t even realize how much a temperature can drop by putting too large of a batch of frozen french fries. Other times, deep fryers simply start to malfunction. If you feel like you’re deep frying something at the perfect temperature, but things aren’t turning out right, your temperature gauge may be busted. 

Its important to have a thermometer for your deep fryer, and frankly, for your kitchen overall. It ensures the best of your food, and it’s not like its an expensive ask either. Yes, you can spend upwards of $100 on a thermometer that may never let you down, but you also usually only need around $10. That $10 is worth the assurance you’ll get by deep frying the best food possible.


Regardless of the deep fryer, there are times when they’re unreliable. At times, its not even the fryer’s fault, but actually user error. That’s why its important to occasionally pop out an external thermometer for your deep fryer. It ensures your food is frying at the optimal temperatures, giving you the tastiest results. We’ve outlined three different types of thermometers to hopefully help you choose the best one.

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