Best Fish Fryers
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If you're looking for ways to deep fry your favorite fish, you need a great fryer. Finding you the correct fryer will ensure the food comes out just the way you want. The problem is, there are all kinds of different kinds of fish fryers on the market. From electrical fryers to gas and propane fryers. Some offer dual capabilities while some are simply much larger. However, depending on what kind of fish you're trying to fry, as well as where you're frying it, you could need a number of different fryers. That's why instead of giving you one fryer that beats out the rest, we're making a list of categories.

Top 8 things to consider when buying a Fish Fryer

  1. Are you frying inside or outside?
  2. Do you want a propane, gas, or electric fryer?
  3. How large of a fryer are you needing to buy?
  4. Price
  5. Number of Frying Baskets
  6. Warranty (Length and Customer Service levels)
  7. How easy is the fryer going to be to clean?
  8. Construction Material- You want a fryer that offers long term durability.

Most of these different features and characteristics are pretty easy to distinguish. Depending on your situation though, some may be more important to you than others. That's why for each of our best fish fryers, we're trying to focus on informing you of these very points.

Best Overall Fish Fryer

The reward for best overall fish fryer has to go to something that meets most of the criteria. It's provided to something that is affordable, offers great quality, and includes everything you need to fry your favorite fish. At the end of the day, its the best overall value fish fryer.

Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set

Why we chose it

It's truly the ultimate package. There are a lot of great different burners, pots, and fryers out there. However, at times it can be difficult finding something that offers it all in one affordable package. Even less thought of things such as a thermometer is included in this package.

When it comes to durability, the Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Fryer outperforms most of the competition. There are very few reports on this fish fryer that suggest it's quality is going to decrease much over time. It should be something that you can use for a very long time.

Biggest Concerns

Its our top overall fish fryer, however it may not be for everybody. All propane fryers should be used outside. If you're looking for something inside, you may want to look at additional fryers. Secondly, there have been some problems with the flame. The unit doesn't offer much weather protection to keep the flame lit, so the wind can be a bit problematic at times.

Best Indoor Electric Fish Fryers

Because propane fryers must be used outside, it eliminates most gas type fryers. This is what creates our indoor electric fish fryer's category. Some people simply want to stay inside their own kitchen to be able to fry their favorite foods. Admittedly, there aren't a lot of specialized electric fryers designed for fish frying specifically. Fear not, we found two great options that we can use as a bit of a work around.

Masterbuilt MB23012418 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

Why we chose it

This is one of the biggest and versatile fryers on the market. While its not specifically designed to fry fish, it could easily be used to do just that. At a capacity of 10 liters of food it could fit quite a bit of fish into it. Additionally, it can be used to fry or broil, allowing you some added versatility for your seafood cooking preferences.

On top of its cooking abilities, we find this Masterbuilt fryer extremely easy to clean up. It not only offers detachable dishwasher safe parts, but it has a drain valve meaning the oil is super easy to clean up, which is a huge plus to any type of fryer.

While its intended use is commercial, it can easily be used inside your home, in the garage, or even outside.

Biggest Concern

This fryer itself doesn't offer a lot of concern. While its been traditionally used for turkey, it can make just about anything you need. That said, its biggest complaint is from a very select few individuals that got a fryer that came dead on arrival. We recommend testing and ensuring all appliances as soon as you get them. Even the best appliances can develop problems on a few units in the thousands that are produced.

Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer

Why we chose it

This entire list of fish fryers included very large fryers. However, what if you're simply somebody that wants to fry a little bit of fish here and there. You may not want some fryer that is bulky in nature. While this Cuisnart deep fryer is still above average sized in nature, its tiny compared to the fish fryers on this list. 

This deep fryer is actually one of our favorite deep fryers available today. Its stainless steel look, decent size, detachable parts, and 1800 watts for power all make it a great choice. Even if 4L is still to large for you, this deep fryer comes in multiple sizes.

Biggest Concern

It can be hard to nitpick at some of the best available products. This seemed to be the case with the Cuisnart CDF-200P1. The most notable issue we found with purchasing one of these is a very poor customer support team. If you have any questions or problems, you're probably not going to want to deal with their support team.

Best Outdoor Propane Fish Fryers

When it comes to fish frying, this is likely to be our most popular type of fish fryer. Propane based fryers are known to be able to cook a lot of food and fairly quickly. They traditionally can heat up larger areas and hold the temperature better. Because fish comes in all shapes and sizes, a lot of people attempting to fry fish try to do so on a fairly large scale. Here is our favorite outdoor propane based fish fryers available.

Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Fryer Set

Why we chose it

We've already named the Bayou Classic 2212 Fish fryer as the best overall fish fryer in this list. It's because it offers everything you're going to need for an outside fryer. The fact that it's also durable and well liked customers only cements its place at the top of our list.

Biggest Concerns

As we previously mentioned, its biggest issue is its lack of protection of the flame against the wind. You'll have to be creative in ways to block out the wind, whether it be with something to help block it or placing the fish fryer in a spot the wind cannot access.

GasOne Propane Single Burner for Outside

Why we chose it

If you're looking for an outside burner for frying fish, this is one of the best ones on the market. Its 100,000 BTU ensures everything will cook quickly. GasOne also produces several more burners with different BTU amounts to ensure you're not going too low or too high with your heat. 

Additionally this specific model comes with adjustable legs, meaning you can pick the right height for the job. 

Overall, the GasOne single burner is extremely portable and even comes with a cover with a slightly increase in price.

With its cast iron welding, GasOne guarantees this product will last.

Biggest Concerns

While it appears extremely rare, there have been some claims that mention a few bolts were either missing or stripped creating problems in the assembly process.

Best Dual Basket Fish Fryers

Sometimes when you're trying to fry a lot of fish it's nice to work with two baskets. It could be because you have two kinds of fish you're trying to cook separately at once. Additionally, you could be trying to cook an additional side such as fries at the same time. Either way, it can be nice to work with a propane based burner with capabilities for two baskets. Here's our favorite dual basket fish fryers available today.

Camp Chief Explorer Double Burner Stove

Why we chose it

If we were choosing our second favorite fish fryer on the list, this would be it. That's pretty amazing considering it doesn't come with a set of pots and it's a double burner, something everybody isn't going to need. So why do we hold it in such high regard?

To put it simply, its the most well constructed unit on the list. It's constructed out of cast iron, offers an adjustable height, and a 3-sided windscreen. 

It's also by far the most highly regarded unit among customers on our best fish fryers list, showing we're not the only ones that like this unit.

Biggest Concerns

You're paying more for the better quality. However, it may be out of some people's budget. Overall, the only minor complaint we've found with this unit is how the leg extensions work. A screw and plastic knob holds the legs properly, and there have been some complaints that the knobs should've been constructed out of metal for the added durability.

King Kooker 1618 Outdoor Cooker

Why we chose it

We like this unit because it's convenient to utilize. While you're really using one burner, this size of the pot and double baskets converts it into a double burner. Because of this, the set is more portable than most double burners.

Biggest Concerns

There are two primary concerns with this product. The first is that it's hard to find real information on it. Merchant sites provide the bare minimum. Secondly, there are some reports that while the burner works well, the pan isn't of the highest quality. It may need replaced sooner than you'd like.

Best Fish Fryer Pots and Baskets

If you already have your chosen heating source but lack a proper fish frying pot or pan, you'll be on the lookout for the best available fish frying pot. This is our favorite choice.

Bayou Classic Pot

Why we chose it

While there are tons of available pots, baskets, and more to put onto a propane based burner, we kept going back to Bayou Classic models. They have an absolute ton amount of different sizes, from small to large. Some come with lids and straining baskets, while others do not. Ultimately, if you're looking for a quality basket, you're going to find something you like from Bayou Classic.

Biggest Concerns

The biggest complaint about some of the available pots is that they're too thinly made. However, we've found that's a common complaint among most brands. If anything, it can be more commonly found from other brands.

Best Counter-top Fish Fryer

Because we don't recommend using propane based fryers indoors, we still wanted to search and find a quality fish fryer that offer something much larger than a traditional deep fryer would. Here's the highest quality counter-top fish frying capable fryer we could locate.

Why we chose it

Its square nature ensures you can literally set this on your flat kitchen top and work magic from there. It offers a lot of power at 2500 watts to ensure you're able to heat up your larger amount of oil as well as hold the temperature once the food is in.

Overall, it comes with everything a normal deep fryer would. From the lid, removable parts, electrical plug-in, and fry basket.

Biggest Concerns

It's actually considered a commercial fryer due to its sheer size. This also means it'll hold quite a large amount of oil, meaning the process of pouring the oil out can be difficult for those who lack enough strength.

How to Deep Fry Fish

Here's our full guide on how to deep fry fish. You can learn which oils to use, which batters work best, and more.

Final Thoughts

When deciding what best fish fryer may be for you, its always best to look at the kind of fryer you want, the features you'd like it to have, and the price you're willing to pay. If you can figure out those three core components, you should seriously enjoy at least one option on our best fish fryer guide. Lets us know what you decided to choose, whether it was something on this list or not, down in the comments below.