Best Pan for Cooking Bacon at Home

Best frying pan for bacon
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Everybody loves bacon, but not everybody enjoys frying it. That's because bacon is very oily. With that comes a lot of oil to drain as well as a lot of oil splashing while the bacon is being cooked. Now, some people don't mind the extra troubles for that delicious result. For the rest of us, we need a better way to fry our bacon. Yet, not a lot of people realize there are frying pans specifically designed to cook bacon.

What's a Frying Pan for Bacon?

It may seem silly to think about, but yes, there are frying pans out there designed specifically for bacon. If it sounds too crazy, just know there are also many pans out there for foods such as eggs or pancakes. Its not a stretch to think there could be a pan for their breakfast counterpart, bacon.

Here are the characteristics you may look for in a pan made for bacon

  • A flat square surface- Bacon is long and skinny. Therefore it simply doesn't make sense to fry bacon in a round pan. You're simply not going to be able to fry as much.
  • High Sides- Frying pans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Something you may say in a frying pan for bacon is higher sides. This should help keep the oil splashing in the pan to some degree.
  • Grilled-Styled- A lot of great pans for bacon include grill lines. These help many foods such as sandwiches, meats, and bacon cook thoroughly.
  • Lid- Any frying pan with a lid may be better than the same pan without a lid because it'll help minimize the time you're exposed to popping grease.

Best Frying Pans for Bacon at Home

Now that you understand what to look for in a great bacon pan, lets start discussing our favorite options. We base our list off of a number of factors including our personal opinions, if were able to physically test the product, customer reviews from various merchants, details about its construction, and more. A frying pan’s overall versatility and price also play a large factor. Yes, we’re looking at frying pans for bacon, however if a pan can double down and work well with other things, it’s even more valuable.

#1 Rachael Ray 11-Inch Square Grill Pan

Why we chose it

We love this Rachael Ray grill pan for all of your bacon needs. While the grill’s raised ridges aren’t perfect for the bacon, just about everything feels to match. Its high sides help keep bacon and all grease within the pan. Because of its square shape, its extremely effortless to pour oil from one of the corners. Its non-stick coating also works extremely well.

We often question big named items such as Rachael Ray. Are you buying for the quality or are you buying for the name? Well in this case, we’ve found this frying pan to specifically impress customers in all facets the most often.

Biggest Concern

About the only complaint regarding this frying pan is that it doesn’t always cook evenly. It cooks more in the middle and sometimes the corners are left a bit less heated. However, it comes to our humble opinion that it’s not the pan’s fault. At 11 inches, this frying pan is fairly large. Coupled with most burners being round, we feel some burners don’t handle the overall size of the frying pan very well. Keep in mind how your burner works, and if you feel like you need to, you can always go with a slightly smaller option.

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#2 Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan

Why we chose it

If you’ve jumped off the Rachael Ray model because you may feel its too large in size for an even cook, not the cooking surface for this pan is roughly 8.5 inches. It’s also a bit more affordable. Lastly, its constructed out of solid cast iron, so it’ll offer an extremely durable build with the cost of slightly more maintenance with the occasional seasoning.

Biggest Concern

Not everybody has owned a cast iron piece of cookware before. Its important before buying cast iron to research how to properly take care of it. Otherwise, you may not understand what you’re getting yourself into. Otherwise, its a great grill pan overall, whether your frying bacon or other things.

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#3 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid by Cuisinel

Why we chose it

When we were carefully debating our options for this list, none of us originally thought we’d include two cast iron models. However, here we are. When we compared this model to lodge, we’d probably prefer the Lodge model in terms of overall quality. However, this was about the only square griddle that comes with an available lid, truly make it an awesome frying pan for bacon. Is that worth the extra price to you? Only you can answer that.

Biggest Concern

There are two core concerns with this frying pan. The first is that Cuisinel seems to fail in terms of how they deliver their products online. Compared to the lodge model, products are more likely to be damaged in shipment. While this happens only sparingly, it’s something to note.

Secondly, the cast iron is a bit rougher than the Lodge model. Because it is a grill pan and not a smooth surfaced pan, we find this to be less important overall.

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#4 OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Dishwasher safe 11″ Square Griddle

Why we chose it

We have quite of experience with OXO cookware. The result? Love, love, and love. When used appropriately at lower heats, this pan works wonder. The non-stick coating is built to last and the pan won’t warp on you. They’re actually our favorite frying pan in our list of best overall frying pans. Its not to our surprise that this square griddle’s quality matches with the quality of other OXO cookware.

Overall, if you’re not afraid of a little bacon grease, we didn’t solely want to focus on grill pans. As great as they are for bacon, you may want something that can handle a larger variety of food. Square pans are definitely the preferred choice when it comes to frying strips of bacon.

Biggest Concern

When it comes to the popping of bacon grease, this is definitely the least protecting frying pan on this list. If one of your concerns is avoiding those painful pops, then this may be a distant choice for you.

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Alternatives to Frying Pans for Bacon

If you like to fry bacon, you should realize there are alternatives to consider. Here’s our list of favorite alternatives for frying bacon

  • Electric Griddles– There are tons of available options, most notably the george foreman, that can cook bacon with ease. They griddles often have lids and can cook bacon or foods such as hamburgers on both sides at the same time. The biggest downfall with some of these types of cookware is that they can be harder to clean than a simple pan.
  • Oven-Baking: With a wired racking on top of a cookie sheet, you can easily cook bacon effortlessly. The grease drips down to the cookie sheet. The biggest downside is that you may prefer your bacon fried on the stove and the wire racking can get messy when trying to clean it.
  • Deep Fryer: You can always use a deep fryer to fry your bacon. We’ve even written a complete guide on how to fry bacon with a deep fryer

Final Thoughts

If bacon has you down, all you need to do is realize its easy to conquer. There are tons of frying pan options that are simply great at kicking bacon’s butt in the kitchen. Simply look for quality pans with high sides and a square shape. We’ve even provided you with four of our favorite options. Lets us know in the comments down below what frying pan works best for you when it comes to frying those delicious strips of bacon.

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