Best Frying Pans made in the USA

Best Frying Pans made in the USA
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There are literally thousands upon thousands of options for frying pans. Most of these options are outsourced to countries outside the United States. Much of the time it's simply cheaper for companies to go this route. However, there are a handful of companies that put forth an effort to ensure their cookware is crafted in the USA. We've taken the liberty to find them all and rank them and create our list of the best frying pans specifically made in the USA.

USA Made Pans Top Comparison List

Before we get into the hardcore details about what makes each frying pan great, here's a quick preview of the top four choices of frying pans made from the United States.

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Best Frying Pans made from the USA

Here's our official list of frying pans made in the USA that we've rated as the top four options. They're all different in their own ways, but each option offers something unique to the other from construction material, sizing, quality, and more. We recommend checking each option before making a buying decision.

#1 Tramontina 80114/535DS Professional Aluminum Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

Why we chose it

Overall, Tramontina makes a lot of great different kinds of cookware. They offer higher quality at relatively lower prices. The pan itself comes with a soft-grip cool handle, and it's available in multiple sizes from 8" to 14". When it comes to how it's made in the USA, it has its parts, such as the pan and handle made in another country. Those parts are then shipped to the USA and assembled. For us, this means the handles are attached to the pans by the rivets. Its then packaged and sold in the USA. So, while this frying pan isn't 100% made in the USA, it does provide jobs for the community and country overall.

Biggest Concern

There isn't one major concern with the Tramontina frying pan. There are several complains from customers, but they seem to be coming from different directions, meaning the pan isn't perfect but does nearly everything well. Some complaints have including scratching too soon or the pan warping. Again, there are complaints made by a very tiny fraction of the overall number of buyers, so don't put too much stock into it.

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#2 Lodge Pro-Logic Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Why we chose it

In terms of cast iron frying pans, and cookware overall, Lodge may be the most popular choice. It just so happens they've been manufacturing in the USA for over 100 years out of a little town in Tennessee. We couldn't determine if they got their resources from the USA or not, but rest assured, they're about as an American company as your gonna get. Their products are cast iron, so they're definitely built to last a long time.

Biggest Concern

We understand cast iron isn't for everybody. If you've never owned cast iron before, we recommend researching more about it before making a decision. While its ultra durable, it does require an occasional seasoning. A person knew to cast iron without any prior research is likely to become highly frustrated. Conversely, a cast iron expert is likely to be in love with their frying pan.

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#3 American Kitchen 10-inch Nonstick Frying Pan

Why we chose it

American Kitchen makes a ton of high quality, fairly expensive cookware. Outside of getting the materials from other countries, everything is manufactured in the USA. From its tri-ply stainless design to its Eterna non-stick design, quality it definitely not lacking. The frying pan also comes in multiple sizes that include 8", 10", and 12". Its non-stick coating is especially impressive compared to the competition. It definitely feels a bit thicker, and we believe it can handle quite a bit more before seeing eventual damage.

Biggest Concern

Price. Although American Kitchen's pan offers the highest amount of quality in our list, it's by far the most expensive. You'll have to gauge whether or not it's worth the extra cost.

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#4 USA Pan Cookware 5-Ply Stainless Steel 10 Inch Sauté Skillet

Why we chose it

With USA being in its brand name, it definitely wasn't the hardest USA manufacturer of frying pans. That doesn't take away from their overall body of work. Manufacturing cookware for over 50 years out of Wisconsin, they may be second on our list in terms of USA manufacturers (behind Lodge). We also find they differentiate from the competition by offering an almost exclusive stainless steel feel. Overall, their quality and durability hold up well among customers.

Biggest Concern

Biggest of its stainless steel construction, this frying pan isn't built to be non-stick. That being said, you'll probably have to use some oils or cooking spray to get certain sticky foods to cooperate with you.

What does a Frying Pan "Made in USA" consist of?

If you're shopping for a new frying pan or a complete cookware set, you should understand what made in USA means for some merchants and vendors. The bottom line (usually) is the more information a vendor provides, the more you can trust them.

For example, you can see a pan claim to be made in USA but under the information you may see something along the lines of "Assembled in USA with imported components". This most likely means the materials were crafted in another country and shipped to the United States. Once here, the pieces were assembled together (handle+pan) and packaged for sale. So the pan was and wasn't made in the USA, depending on how you'd like to look at it.

Most companies do some sort of work in other countries. Even if it's just getting the materials from another country. Metals and stainless steel can get expensive fast, so getting the materials from another company can still limit the outsourcing.

What to look for in a Frying Pan

Just like any product from small things such as pens to large items such as cars, everybody has their own image of what's perfect. That's why it's important to determine what matter most to you when purchasing a frying pan. Here's our list of things that may help you determine which frying pan may be best for you.

  • Size- Every family is different. Sometimes you're frying solo while other times you may be frying for six. Frying pans can usually be found in the range of 8" to 14", with some exceptions both ways.
  • Non-Stick vs Natural: While non-stick makes cooking easier, they also typically don't last as long. Coating simply wears over time. Conversely, natural pans can be just as good with a bit of oil, and its a piece of cookware you may have for years and years.
  • Construction Material: This truly means a lot to many. Some people love the look of stainless steel. While others go with a more basic hard anodized or aluminum construction. Heck, even cast iron has its own specific market of people. We personally like stainless steel and hard anodized bases. Many frying pans uses aluminum or copper inside their pans because they're great conductors of heat and help a pan heat up quickly.
  • Lid vs no-lid: Most pans don't come with a lid, however, if you are specifically looking for a pan with a lid, it's not hard to find one.

Final Thoughts

We respect that you're looking for USA made products. Being born and raised from the Midwest, a lot of people around me have the same ideals. All that being said, it can be difficult to find quality USA made products for anything these days. We hope these carefully chosen frying pans have helped you make a decision that you'll feel happy about. Let us know with what you decided to go with in the comments below.

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