Can you Deep Fry Frozen Foods? (YES)

How to Deep Fry Frozen Foods
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Deep Frying frozen food is a great alternative to cooking many of your favorite foods. The lists of frozen food that you can deep fry is almost endless, from frozen corn dogs to less obvious things such as pizza rolls. There are a few things to consider when deep frying frozen foods such as which foods to fry, the equipment to use, and a few extra safety precautions.

What to Deep Fry Frozen Food with

Before you begin deep frying one of your favorite frozen foods, you should consider how you want to do it. You’ll of course need either a deep fryer or a deep pan/pot to use. 

The Advantages of using a Deep Fryer- If you already have a deep fryer, than your mind is already made up. By using a deep fryer, you’re able to submerge your entire food of choice at one time, allowing for a fast and even cooking experience. Also, when used properly, the deep fryer is almost always safer than trying to use a pan/pot. Deep fryers customarily come with lids to avoid splashing. Lastly, it should be more difficult to knock over a deep fryer than a pot on the stove.

The advantages of using a Pot/Pan– If you don’t already own a deep fryer, then you may be looking to test out a deep fried food in quicker fashion. As long as you have a pan that is deep enough to submerge 1/2 the food at a time, you’ll simply want to flip the food over 1/2 way through. This may be a preferred option for somebody who already cooks with a lot of oil, whether it’s pan frying or sauteing. It also may be cheaper for you to use a pan if you don’t already own a deep fryer. 

How to Deep Fry Frozen Foods with a Deep Fryer

Frying foods, frozen or not, is simple with a deep fryer. In terms of operating the deep fryer, there are only a few key aspects to know. First, make sure you follow the oil guidelines of the deep fryer and don’t go below or above the minimum and maximum amounts of oil for the deep fryer. If you put too much in, it could overflow once you put the food into the fryer. 

Outside of that, you may need to look up cooking times/cooking temperatures for deep frying a specific food if it doesn’t tell you on the packaging. If you follow these guidelines and use common sense, you should be okay.

*Safety tip* If you’re new to deep frying, you should keep in mind that water/ice does not mix well with oil. It simply causes the oil to react by heavy splashing. Its chaos really. It’s fine as long as you know that fact. It’s those that are unaware that are in danger. This simply means when you’re deep frying make sure to either pat down your food (if it’s thawed/wet) or ensure no ice falls into the deep fryer. If you’re buying packaged frozen food, such as fries for example, overtime ice can build up into the package. You’re not going to want to carelessly dump the bag into the fryer, allowing chunks of ice to fall into the fryer. If you avoid that, you shouldn’t have much to worry about when deep frying.

How to Deep Fry Frozen Foods without a Deep Fryer

If you’re trying to truly deep fry something without a pan, you can either get a pan that is deep enough to submerge the food, or simply enough to submerge about half of it. Anything less, and you’re really not deep frying it, you’re simply frying it. If you’re not able to grab a pot or pan that has a lid, it may be best to wear some hand protection for when some of the splashing that may occur.

What frozen foods can you Deep Fry?

Frozen Deep Fried Food

You can truly deep fry almost anything, whether it’s frozen or not, however there are some foods that work better than others.

Coated Foods– If the food is coated, it’s likely to deep fry extremely well. This is because if you use a high enough temperature, the temperature of the coating will often prevent the oil from seeping inside the food. For example, lets use the coating of french fries. When deep fried, while the oil cooks the outside of the fries, the coating almost creates a barrier to prevent all the oil from seeping into the fry. Instead, the inside of the fries are cooked with mostly steam. 

Frozen Foods to Deep Fry List

Corn Dogs

Chicken Tenders

Mozzarella Sticks

French Fries



Chicken Nuggets



Fish Sticks

Onion Rings

Sweet Potato Fries

As you can see, anything with coating is super easy to deep fry while frozen. Almost anything can be coated in batter which is why shrimp (among other things) is able to make the list.

Frozen Food you Should NOT Deep Fry

We’ve gone over a lot of things you can deep fry while frozen, but there are most definitely foods that are best to deep fry thawed. The most prominent food that is best deep fried not frozen is probably turkey. It’s sheer size and capability of holding in water make it difficult to safely deep fry frozen. Plus, it may create an uneven cook. For the most part, you should probably use common sense on whether or not something should be deep fried. The two main questions you should ask yourself are whether or not the food has a coating and whether or not or not it currently holds a good amount of water. If it doesn’t contain much water, you can always give it a try.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it almost seems as if many foods were meant to be deep fried while frozen. It’s quick and easy, and often allows for a nice and crunchy exterior with a juicy softer interior for battered foods such as frozen corn dogs. If you’ve never tried deep frying some of your favorite frozen foods, we’d highly recommend it.

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