Can You Deep Fry Oven Chips?

Can You Deep Fry Oven Chips
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There are few things better than a delicious, hot chip fresh out of the oven. One of them is a delicious, hot chip fresh out of the deep fryer. Oven chips are tasty, but nothing beats a perfectly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside chip cooked in oil in a deep fryer.

You may already know how to prepare chips in the oven. The preparation of the potatoes (or other vegetables) you are using to make chips is the same whether you plan to cook them in the oven or a deep fryer. 

However, if you are planning to cook them in a deep fryer, make sure that you are cooking them in small enough batches to fit in the deep fryer without overfilling it and sloshing hot oil everywhere, as this is both dangerous and hard to clean.

The short answer is yes, you can deep fry oven chips, and you can oven cook chips meant for the deep fryer. There is not much difference in how they are packaged and prepared. While oven cooked chips may be lower in fat, they simply can’t compete with the crispy crunch and gooey center of a perfectly deep-fried chip.

Deep Fryer

Oven, Microwave, or Deep Fryer?

No matter which method you choose, making your own chips at home allows you to control the consistency and flavor of the chips better than the ones you purchase at the store. Your homemade chips will also be free of additives and preservatives, and whatever other mystery ingredients are lurking in store-bought chips.

You can select the oil you use to cook the chips, the vegetables you use (hello, sweet potato and beet chips!), and the amount of seasoning. Pink Himalayan sea salt just looks and tastes so much more decadent than your average table salt, don’t you think?

Even if you are using frozen store-bought chips to cook at home, one of the advantages of cooking chips in a deep fryer instead of the oven is that it is a much faster process. Oven chips need to cook for about 20 minutes, and may require to be flipped.

Yes, the directions on these packages of frozen chips usually list instructions for preparing the chips in your microwave as well. This is perhaps the worst method of cooking chips, although it is faster than warming them in the oven. Microwaving and deep frying chips takes about the same amount of time (depending on the power of your microwave), but there is no comparison in the texture and consistency.

The type of chips you buy from the store are most commonly oven and deep fried chips. They differ in how the manufacturer prepares them before freezing them, or how they are cooked and packaged for the consumer.

Since the kinds of chips that are meant to be prepared in the oven or microwave are not intended to be cooked in oil, they typically come already coated in sunflower or vegetable oil to ensure that the chips will come out crunchy after cooking. Frozen chips meant for frying may or may not come already coated in oil since they are intended to be cooked in oil.

How to Prepare Oven Chips in the Deep Fryer

How to Prepare Oven Chips in the Deep Fryer

If you have access to a deep fryer you are well on your way to making the best chips you have ever had. Deep fryers are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased on Amazon and other retailers.

Prepare your chips

If you are using frozen oven chips, simply open the package, but making your own chips allows for experimentation and a greater variety of flavors. Try beets or sweet potatoes for a fun and healthy twist. Whichever vegetables you choose, scrub them clean and cut them into matchsticks or slices.

Fill your oil tank

Before turning on the thermostat of your deep fryer, you will want to fill it with the oil of your choice. Sunflower oil is a great option for homemade chips, but vegetable or other oils will work too.

Heat the deep fryer to 325° Fahrenheit

Heat the deep fryer and allow it to warm, then put the chips in and cook for about 5 minutes.

Remove and allow to drain on a paper towel.

Fry a second time

Once the fries are drained and cooled, put them back in the fryer for another 3 minutes, or until crispy and lightly browned. Remove and allow to drain on a clean paper towel and cool completely.

Season and serve

Sprinkle with your favorite seasonings and serve hot.

And there you have it!

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