Can you Deep Fry Things in butter?

Can you Deep Fry Things in butter
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Can you use butter for your deep fryer? Not a chance. Deep fryers typically reach a temperature of 375° F, a heat in which butter cannot sustain. Butter is better suited for a frying pan, as frying pans don’t typically reach the temperatures that one may see within a deep fryer.

The Smoke Point of Butter

It all boils down to the smoke point of butter. The smoke point of butter or any other oil you’d consider using when deep frying is the temperature in which the oil will start to break down and smoke. You do not want to deep fry at a temperature higher than an oil’s smoke point. On top of dissipating, it may cause bad chemical reactions with foods. This will surely ruin the experience one way or another.

Butter’s smoke point is typically about 302° F. A deep fryer reaches up to 375° F. That’s a difference of nearly 75°F. Most foods need to be deep fried at a temperature above 300°F for best results. However, there are some exceptions.

Alternatives to Deep Frying with Butter

You can check out our best oils to use when deep frying guide here. Overall, we’d recommend with sticking with something basic such as vegetable oil, which can be used for a multitude of things in the kitchen. Another great alternative would be peanut oil for its high smoke point.

However, if you’re trying to replicate the butter experience, the closest thing you’re going to get is some sort of animal fat, such as lard. Lard is very popular in deep frying, especially in southern parts of the United States. It is said to produce some better flavored results than most liquid oils. While I don’t personally use lard, I have nothing against others trying it out.

Deep Frying with Butter Without a Deep Fryer

Deep frying is defined as submerging food in oil. While a deep fryer is nice when deep frying, it actually isn’t necessary. You can easily take a deep pan/pot and submerge food into oil over your stove. However, most stoves don’t go much beyond 300°F, which is right around the butter’s smoke point. You of course, can still do this with a deep fryer, if you just keep the temperatures on the lower side. But because some foods require higher temperatures for the best results, you may be limited in what you’re able to deep fry on a stove, with or without butter.

Final Thoughts

Because of its low smoke point, butter has very limited uses if you’re trying to deep fry it. Butter is best used in other aspects of your kitchen. Instead, try giving lard a try if you’re looking for a similar and tasty result. If you’re simply looking for something to deep fry with, vegetable oil and peanut oil are also great choices that you can find at your local grocery stores. We would not recommend deep frying with butter.

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