Can you Deep Fry Water?

can you deep fry water
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While deep frying water has been done in the past, it's not highly recommended. In fact, quite the opposite is true, as its highly recommended to NOT even attempt to deep fry water. That is because water does not react well with hot oil. In fact, they separate each other violently, which leads vigorous splashing, popping, and it could even lead to fire.

How Water reacts with Oil

If you've been cooking for a while, you're probably aware not to throw water on a grease fire. That's because the water basically becomes added fuel to a grease fire, helping it spread and increase in size quickly. The same applies to hot oil. If your deep fryer ever caught on fire for any reason, the last resort you'd want to take is trying to put it out by water.

In fact, water and oil refuse to react with each other completely. If you had a cup and filled it half way up with water and room-temperature oil, you'd find a pretty clear result. The water and oil fill form two distinct layers. The oil will rest up top while the water will rest on the bottom half. That's because water is more dense than oil, which is why the oil rises to the top.

What happens when you Deep Fry Water

If for some reason, you're still curious to what happens when you try and deep fry water, do not worry, we'll bring you video evidence. In this video, we have a self proclaimed "professional idiot" that was willing to go the extra mile to show what happens when you try to deep fry even a little bit of water.

As you can see, it doesn't take a lot of water to create a huge mess. When trying to deep fry water, your simply going to get huge uncontrollable splashes. We recommend not messing with water and oil.

How to Deep Fry Water

Despite all of our warnings and evidence that you should not try and deep fry water, somebody has actually done it safely and successfully.

Jonathon from Massachusetts has figured out a very useless way to deep fry water legitimately. By taking water and frozen reverse spherification (calcium alginate membrane) Jonathon was able to contain water into a sphere. If you're not sure what any of that actually means, don't worry, we at The Cooking Expert don't either. Alas, here is how he did it.

If you've watched the video, you'll see that the deep fried water was a success. However, it's pretty clear that this is a useless endeavor. For one, even Jonathon states that if even one small hole erupted through that batter, hot oily explosions could occur. Secondly, the end results is a bland batter holding water inside. It's definitely not the tastiest thing you can deep fry.


Hopefully we've all further learned that deep frying water is never a good idea. You've seen what can happen, so there's no reason to try and do it yourself. With all that being said, we've also shown you Jonathon and how he was successfully able to deep fry water. Regardless, it doesn't hold any value, and there's no real reason you should try it yourself.

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