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Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

If you own a large deep fryer, there’s a good chance you need a quick and easy way to filter it. While it’s true you can buy deep fryers that have their own filter systems, sometimes, it simply can’t be done. Either you already own a deep fryer you enjoy or you simply don’t want […]

How to Clean a Deep Fryer

how to clean a deep fryer

While not all deep fryers are the same, there are similar basic principles to follow while cleaning any deep fryer. This guide will help you understand the steps you need to take to clean a deep fryer, how to keep it clean, and things to avoid to make cleaning easier. Before we begin with the step […]

How to use a Deep Fryer: Step by Step Guide

How to use a Deep Fryer

Whether you’re looking to get a deep fryer for home in the near future, or you were recently gifted one and want to learn how to use it, we’ll be sure to help you understand all the basics of how to use a deep fryer. Afterwards, we’ll even give you additional tips and tricks to […]

Best Cheap Deep Fryers

Best Cheap Deep Fryer

Deep Fryers have a large price fluctuation based on quality, features, sizes, brand, and more. However, not all of the latest tech features are necessary for everybody looking for a deep fryer. This guide should help shine some light on what your options are when trying to purchase the best cheap deep fryer. Quick Navigation […]

How much is a Deep Fryer? Guide to not Overpay

How much is a Deep Fryer

Quick OverviewIf you’re looking for a new deep fryer, you can except to pay at least $20 for a basic small home model. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, you could find a deep fryer for as much as $150, or even more. For example, a deep fryer meant to deep fry […]

Best Oil for Deep Frying: Complete Guide

What is the best Oil to deep fry with

Quick Navigation Quick OverviewComparison Table of different Deep Frying OilsWhat Oil is best for Deep Frying?Top 3 Deep Frying Oils (Results Ranked)1) Vegetable Oil2) Peanut Oil3) Safflower OilConclusion Quick OverviewWhat you need to know when deciding which oils are the best for deep fryingTaste– Does this oil affect the taste of your food? Most oils deemed […]