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How to Eliminate Deep Fryer Odors

How to get rid of Deep Fryer Odors

Deep frying is a household staple in some kitchens, but not everybody understands how to hide, overcome, or completely eliminate the odors that come from deep frying. Fortunately, there are tons of proven ways to completely get rid of those nasty deep fryer odors that are clogging up your beautiful kitchen. By following these tips, […]

Best Deep Fryer Thermometers for Home

Best Thermometers for Deep Frying

When it comes to deep frying, its very important to ensure you’re frying your foods at the proper temperatures. If the temperatures are too low, oil seeps into your food creating a soggy experience. If the temperatures are too high, you may end up burning your food before you even have time to realize it. […]

10 Tips to Deep Fry without making a Mess!

Tips to Deep Fry without making a Mess

Nobody likes a deep fryer covered in streaks of grease, slime, and old food particles. It’s ugly to look at, disgusting to use, and it’s surely to turn some heads. That being said, there are numerous things you can do to ensure your deep fryer and the surrounding area not only get cleaner but remain […]

What is a Deep Fryer? Definition and Information

What is a Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer is a small kitchen appliance that is used to deep fry various foods. This is done through eating up oil to a high enough temperature to thoroughly cook the food to its crispy completion. Quick Navigation Definition of a Deep FryerTypes of Deep FryersWhen was the Deep Fryer Invented?Features of a Deep […]

What is Deep Frying

What is Deep Frying?

Deep frying is the act of completely submerging food into hot oil for a proper cooking. The high temperatures of the oil usually crisp out the exterior of the food while steam can usually cook through the interior of the food, preventing the oil from seeping into the food. This is why so many deep […]

How long to Deep Fry a Turkey?

How long to deep fry a turkey

If you’re trying to figure out how long to deep fry a turkey, you’ve come to the right place. For a quick answer, you should deep fry a turkey for 3-4 minutes per pound. If you’re looking for more details, stay tuned, and make sure to check out the turkey cooking time chart we’ll provide […]

What Happens if you put Ice in a Deep Fryer

What happens if you put ice into a deep fryer

For a quick answer, if you put ice into a deep fryer, chaos ensures. Because oil has a higher boiling point than water, and given the temperature difference of an ice cube and boiling oil, depending on how much ice you put into the fire, a fiery explosion may immediately occur. Quick Navigation Why Oil […]

7 Best Alternatives to Deep Frying

7 Best Alternatives to Deep Frying

Even though I would never turn down a great deep fried dish, there are plenty of alternate methods to complete a tasty meal. Whether you’re trying to find something a little healthier, juicy, or more tasteful, these 7 alternative methods to deep frying will knock your socks off.Overview to 7 Alternatives to Deep FryingBake and […]

Can you Deep Fry Things in butter?

Can you Deep Fry Things in butter

Can you use butter for your deep fryer? Not a chance. Deep fryers typically reach a temperature of 375° F, a heat in which butter cannot sustain. Butter is better suited for a frying pan, as frying pans don’t typically reach the temperatures that one may see within a deep fryer.The Smoke Point of ButterIt […]

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