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Can you Deep Fry Frozen Foods? (YES)

How to Deep Fry Frozen Foods

Deep Frying frozen food is a great alternative to cooking many of your favorite foods. The lists of frozen food that you can deep fry is almost endless, from frozen corn dogs to less obvious things such as pizza rolls. There are a few things to consider when deep frying frozen foods such as which […]

Can you Mix Oils when Deep Frying?

can you mix oils while deep frying

You may be surprised to hear that cooking oils get mixed all the time. Maybe you don’t have enough vegetable oil to fill your deep fryer, so you’re tempted to add in some canola oil rather than visit the store. Regardless of the reason, yes, you can mix oils when deep frying under the right […]

Can you Deep Fry Water?

can you deep fry water

While deep frying water has been done in the past, it’s not highly recommended. In fact, quite the opposite is true, as its highly recommended to NOT even attempt to deep fry water. That is because water does not react well with hot oil. In fact, they separate each other violently, which leads vigorous splashing, […]

What Temperatures should a deep fryer be?

What temperature do deep fryers reach

Home deep fryers typically reach a max temperature of 375°F. While there are some commercial deep fryers that have capabilities of surpassing this amount, going much higher doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of how the food cooks and how smoke points operate.Quick OverviewWhen deciding what temperature you should use there are a […]

Can you Deep Fry with Olive Oil? Yes!

can you deep fry with olive oil

YES. If you’re wondering whether or not Olive Oil can be used for deep frying, the quick answer is simply yes. While there are some things to look out for when purchasing olive oil, overall olive oil is actually a pretty solid choice for deep frying. That is due to its decent smoke point and […]

6 Tips to keep your Deep Fried Foods Extra Crispy

Crispy Deep Fried Food Tips

There’s nothing quite like the taste of crispy deep fried food. On the flip side, there’s also nothing quite like the taste of a soggy deep fried dish. Fret not, we’ll help you ensure your food comes up nice and crisp by following 6 simple tips.Quick overviewHere’s a quick overview of all the things you […]

Can you Deep Fry with Canola Oil?

Canola Oil for Deep Frying

If you’re looking for a quick answer, then yes, you can deep fry with Canola Oil. It offers a high smoke point, a low amount of saturated fats, and a neutral taste, which is all great for deep frying. However, it’s still oil, and it has its drawbacks. Oil is generally considered bad for you […]

10 Deep Fryer Safety Tips

deep fryer safety tips

Operating a deep fryer for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you start to think about the things that could go wrong. Lets be honest, operating a pot of oil sitting above 300° F can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re doing thing wrong, or simply do not know what to […]

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

If you own a large deep fryer, there’s a good chance you need a quick and easy way to filter it. While it’s true you can buy deep fryers that have their own filter systems, sometimes, it simply can’t be done. Either you already own a deep fryer you enjoy or you simply don’t want […]