Delonghi D44528DZ livenza easy clean Deep Fryer Review

DeLonghi D44528DZ Review
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If you're unfamiliar with the Delonghi brand, they're known to make quality small alliances. The deep fryer, model D44528DZ is no different. Its features represent power, design, and efficiency. From its stainless steel sleek design to its easy clean up features, this is without a doubt one of the best professional grade deep fryers for your home.

Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Profession Grade Stainless Steel Design
  • Digital Thermometer to get your exact temperature
  • Spigot for easy oil drain
  • Detachable parts for an easy dishwasher clean 


  • May be too expensive for some buyers
  • Magnetic plug has been a problem for a few customers

Delonghi D44528DZ Livenza easy clean Deep Fryer Review

In this review, the first thing we'll look at is who should be looking to buy this deep fryer. If you're still interested after this point, we'll try and discuss the good and bad about each of the deep fryer's features, how to use them, and anything that may alarm you from making the purchase.

Who is this product for?

This is a steeply priced deep fryer, even if you're able to find it on a sale. If you're strapped for cash, we recommend looking for something that is a little bit more beginner friendly. If money isn't a problem, and you're looking for a stainless steel deep fryer with all of the bells and whistles, this is one of the best options you'll find. It's also a really deep fryer, with a recommendation of using a gallon of oil at a time. This mean this'll cook larger quantities, which tells us this will be great for either families that deep fry often, or families looking to feed a lot without having to make many batches of food. 

What’s included?

This is a 5-piece detachable set of all stainless steel parts. Included in the set:

  • Your stainless steel base, which include side handles, so you'll be able to lift the entire deep fryer while assembled easily
  • A deep stainless steel pot which rests in the base. This is where the oil will sit. It should be the part you'll look to clean the most, so because it's detachable, it's super easy to clean.
  • A stainless steel lid with vent holes to allow steam while deep frying. Also included is a see-through panel so you can check on your food while deep frying
  • A fairly standard frying basket to place your food into while deep frying.
  • Your electronic panel which rests in an easy position with the base of your deep fryer. It's important this is seperate, so all your core parts remain easy to clean. This part displays a digital temperature

Additionally to the pieces you'll find, you'll get a standard instruction booklet which should help with any questions regarding how to use the Delonghi D44528DZ as well as how the warranty works.

Overview of features

Deep fryers can have a slew of features in today's world. This isn't the early 2000's when all deep fryers offered were a base, basket, and a vague temperature dial. While that's really all you really need, sometimes its nice to pay for extra convenient features that make the cooking and cleaning much easier. 

We'll try to list the features from most notable to least Effective

  • Oil Draining Spigot- This little handy turnable plug allows you to simply drain your oil like you're pouring water into a cup with a water dispensor. Simply open the valve and oil pours out. Remember oil can be used multiple times before dispensing it for good. However to make your oil last, you'll have to filter it out after each use. This spigot does tht for you, because it's located just above the bottom of the base, meaning all your food particles lay at the bottom of your deep fryer instead of getting sifted through the spigot. This will help filter your oil. You can simply drain your oil into an empty container. It'll filter itself. Your deep fryer will be empty to throw in the dishwasher or allow for a quick handwash. When you're ready to deep fry again, simply pour your clean oil back in the deep fryer. Just make sure this is flipped to hold the oil, and not drain it, before dumping the oil back in.
  • Digital Temperature Display- No more wonky temperature dials that end up being highly inaccurate on certain models of deep fryers. If you want a specific temperature to fry your food, then you'll have it. This feels so simple, yet most deep fryers won't give this to you.
  • Small Footprint Design- The deep fryer holds a lot of oil, and I mean a lot. Yet this deep fryer takes up less space than some much smaller deep fryers. This is because the deep fryer is deeper than it is wide, saving you plenty of counter space. To add to this feature are the side handles, allowing you to lift your unit for easy movement and storage.
  • 1800 Watts- Lets be honest here. Your not going to find many home deep fryers that go beyond 1800 watts. Most are between 1200-1700, with 1800 representing top tier power for home deep fryers. it allows oil to heat up a little quicker, and it's necessary to be able to heat up larger deep fryers such as this one.
  • Magnetic Plug-In- The magnetic plug in is a standard safety feature found in deep fryers, of old and new. It's there because the last thing you want to do is tip a giant pot of burning oil all over your kitchen. It can cause fires quickly, create a huge mess that you cannot touch until it cools, as well as burn skin badly. The only bad things we've seen on this deep fryer is the magnetic plug in. There have been reports about it falling loose at times. While this is a rare occurrence among users, it's still important to note. This is also a common problem with magnetic plug ins in deep fryers in general. 

How to use the DeLonghi D44528DZ

Here is the official manual for the DeLonghi D44528DZ, if you wanted to check out specifics about this model before deciding on a purchase.

Because this is digital device, using it would be similar to operating a digital stove panel. There will be +/- buttons to increase/decrease increments of temperature or time. There will also be a core mode button to switch between setting a temperature and setting a timer. This is extremely easy to figure out, and the manual will guide you through it if you're struggling on your first go. Once you have it down, it's as easy as one, two, three.

  1.  Make sure your panel is placed properly in its holding spot. This device won't function unless it's clicked in to ensure proper safety. Once plugged in, you're able to turn it on with a click of a button.
  2. Set your desired temperature with mode button and the +/- buttons to adjust temperature. A green indicator light will let you know once your oil is heated to its proper temperature.
  3. Take your basket and fill it up with food. Note: Overfilling the basket will cause your food to not cook evenly, and could also help contribute to oil over-spilling in extremely circumstances. Slowly drop your basket into the fryer and place the lid on top to prevent splashing oil.
  4. If you choose to do so, you can set a timer on the device, use your own timer, or just note the time.
  5. Once your food has cooked properly and looks ready to take out, unplug your device, and proceed with carefully raising your basket out of the deep fryer. Its best to let as much oil drain before placing your deep fried food on a paper towel lined plate. Once on the plate, patting your food down with get rid of any excess oil and allow for a better eating experience.

How to clean your Delonghi D44528DZ

  1. After you're done enjoying your meal, you can check whether the oil has cooled down enough to drain it. Stainless steel can stay warm for a while, so you may need to give it a bit of time before proceeding.
  2. Once the oil has cooled, gauge whether your oil is good to keep or if it has spoiled and will need replaced with your next use. If you're unsure, an easy way to tell is to look at the color of the oil. If it has darkened considerably, it's likely time for a change. If you need more info, check out our guide on how long oil lasts.
  3. If your oil appears good, simply drain it into your container to store. Oil lasts longer if it's in an air tight container, so if possible, keep your oil in a container with a lid.
  4. You'll want to clean your stainless steel bowl where all the oil sits, as well as your additional parts. The only part that is not dishwasher safe is the electronic panel. You can hand wash the part that heats the oil with a simple wash cloth. Of course, you don't want to submerge the electronic portion in water. 


Overall the DelongHi D44528DZ Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer is a premium at home deep fryer meant to feed a lot of people at once. Not only does it offer a sleek stainless steel design inside and out, it also offers a small footprint on your counter with its slim and deep design. Of course this fryer isn't all about looks. It offers a lot of power at 1800 watts and is one of the easiest deep fryers to clean with its detachable parts and oil-draining spigot. Overall, the only knock on this deep fryer seems to be a somewhat sensitive magnetic plug that can detach at times for some users. If you're looking for a professional grade at home deep fryer with easy to use and easy to clean features, we're not sure you're going to find anything better than the DeLonghi deep fryer, model D44528DZ.

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