GreenPan Paris Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan Review

Greenpan Paris Ceramic Fry Pan Review
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GreenPan tries to separate themselves from other frying pan manufacturers by going all green. They’re not afraid to let you know that what you’re buying is 100% safe from any bad chemicals, and how the creation of the pan itself is better for the environment than some of the other existing models. While that may be true, not everything is perfect. Check out the rest of the review to catch the highs and lows of the GreenPan Paris Frying Pan.

Quick Overview






  • PFOA, lead, cadmium Free
  • Uses Riveted Handles
  • Includes a lid
  • Available 8", 10", 12" and complete cookware sets


  • Lid is Stainless Steel (Not transparent)
  • Non-Stick effect wears off 
  • Only partially dishwasher safe
  • GreenPan sells you on a warranty they don't live up to

GreenPan Paris Frying Pan Review

Features of GreenPan Paris Frying Pans

There aren’t a lot of special features with the GreenPan Paris, but there are some things, good and bad, to still discuss.

Riveted Handle

Overall, the handles are actually nice. They’re riveted, which provide a nice sturdy structure. They’re not going to break on you unless you try using it as a baseball bat. They’re also contoured in a way that feels natural with the hand. Even though they’re stainless steel, they’re long, so even when the pan is heated, they don’t hot to the point to where you can’t pick up the pan in a hurry if needed.


For whatever reason, GreenPan Paris thought it would be a great idea to have stainless steel lids for all of their Paris cookware lineup. Maybe they think it looks nice, but as somebody who is actually trying to cook, its very inconvenient. First of all, I cannot see how my food looks through a stainless steel lid like i can a glass lid. Secondly, even the handle is stainless steel, so there are times where you’ll need a hot pad just to take the lid off due to the heat. Overall, I’d rather ditch the lid completely when it comes to this model of deep fryer, but hey, it does look great in storage.

The biggest advantage to having a stainless steel lid and handle is that they’re more oven friendly. Usually glass lids or plastic handles can’t handle temperatures above 350°F. However, the GreenPan Paris lineup claims to handle up to 600°F in the oven.


When it comes to the warranty, you can find all the information here. We’ll summarize what we were able to find though. From the very beginning, you’ll hear that GreenPan offers a life time warranty. It makes sense. The product is a bit expensive comparatively to similar quality frying pans. We believe this is due to how green they’re trying to be. However, we feel is more of a limited 2 year warranty. We’ve found customers that have sworn up and down to follow the warranty guidelines to the letter, but still get rejected with general statements from the merchant claiming miss-use of the product. If you’re buying this product, we won’t argue with you, but don’t do it for the warranty.

Construction Material

The base of the body is made out of anodized aluminum, which a somewhat common choice when it comes to the construction of a frying pan. The non-stick coating is actually derived from sand. Again, we’re focusing heavy on the environment here. That sand is what helped create the Thermolon ceramic material that is the non-stick coating. Its meant to be scratch resistance to even metal utensils, which is usually a big no-no with non-stick frying pans. 

Like many non-stick frying pans, while the GreenPan Paris pan is marketed as “dishwasher safe,” its highly not recommended. The high temperatures of a dish washer coupled with the rough cleaning habits, the non-stick feature will simply wear down quicker.


When it comes to the durability of the GreenPan Paris frying pan, unfortunately, it doesn’t last any longer than most run of the mill frying pan. If you’re looking for a non-stick pan that will last you for years and years, you’ll have to skip over this model. It doesn’t mean it’s worse than most models by any means, some people will simply expect better performance due to a slightly higher price.


Our biggest concern with the frying pan itself is the lid of all things. While its great for when you’re baking in the oven, its less than ideal when using it over a stove.

Our other primary concern is that people will get sucked into the marketing of the GreenPan Paris, expect too much out of it, and feel disappointed after shelling out extra cash for the purchase. If they could offer just a little more in one area, whether it be durability, better customer service with their warranty, I’d be more tempted to say the price is fair. Unfortunately, I can’t do that in good faith. Hopefully, GreenPan will improve in these areas in the future.


I wouldn’t personally recommend purchasing anything in the GreenPan Paris lineup. It’s not that GreenPan isn’t capable of creating great things. I just feel like if I’m going to be paying a bit more for a frying pan, I want to see more results than simply feeling good about going completely green. If you feel you’re a very green person, maybe the extra cost will be worth the purchase, but for every day folk, it simply doesn’t add up.

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