Hamilton Beach (35033) Deep Fryer Review

hamilton beach 35033 deep fryer
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The Hamilton Beach (35033) Deep Fryer may not do anything exceptionally, but is solid all-around for a great mid-tier deep frying option. It's got a fair amount of oil capacity at 2.8 liters, a good wattage at 1500, and detachable parts to make for an easier clean. If you're looking for a sleek looking deep fryer that's mostly easy to clean, and performs well, this Hamilton Beach fryer may just do the trick.

Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Affordable
  • Fast heating system
  • Sleek and easy to clean detachable parts


  • Too small for some
  • Comes with a slot for a filter, but doesn't come with a filter
  • Short power cord
Hamilton Beach (35033) Deep Fryer Review

Hamilton Beach (35033) Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach 35033 Review

Hamilton Beach produces several different deep fryer models of various shapes, sizes, and purposes. Model 35033 is probably their best mid-sized deep fryer unless you're looking for something specific, such as cool-touch exterior technology.

Who is this product for?

This product is great for a small family or an avid deep fried food lover. Even if you have to make a second batch, this Hamilton Beach fryer heats up quickly and can stay heated as long as needed. It's a great value deal on a stainless steel appliance that still outperforms many similarly priced deep fryers. It still lacks premium deep fryer features such as an automatic draining system, so this would be a great compromise between price and features. Not everybody can throw over $100 on a deep fryer, and that's okay.

What’s included?

When you order the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer you will receive a bundle of detachable parts including: a deep fryer base with side handles, a removable deep fryer pan to put oil in, a fryer basket, and a lid with filter capabilities. You'll also receive a manual to let you know how to perform simple functions.

Overview of features for the Hamilton Beach 35033 Fryer

Oil Capacity- The oil capacity for this deep fryer sits at 2.8 Liters. We see deep fryers as small as around 1 liter and as large as 4.5 liters, so this sits pretty well in the middle. It can still cook a lot of food, so it should be a good enough size for most occasions.

Magnetic Plug In- A standard feature in most deep fryers is a break away magnetic plug-in cord. This is standard for safety reasons. You can't have hot oil boiling in a pot and have an accident where you accidentally yank the cord causing the deep fryer to topple over. Burning oil is extremely dangerous, so if you're looking for a deep fryer without this feature, good luck.

Detachable Parts- As mentioned, you're getting a base, a pot for oil, a lid, and a basket. You're even getting a detachable heating element, which means you're able to use the dishwasher to wash everything except for the heating element. You can also put all of these parts (minus the heating element) into the sink to hand wash with a soapy sponge.

Digital Timer- While it's not a very impressive display, Hamilton Beach did take time to put in a digital timer with audible noises to help you keep track of your cook times. This doesn't add much value to the fryer, but it could be beneficial if you're really bad of keep track of time.

Temp. Dial- This is a typical dial that ranges from 0 to 375° F. However, there aren't a lot of numbers on the dial, so if you're going for a specific number, be prepared to be just a few digits off here or there.

Lid- The lid is a stainless steel base with a cool touch handle. There is a venting system that helps catch some of the steam, although it'll work better if you purchase a filter to put into it. It seems a bit odd and cheap for Hamilton Beach to not supply one while putting in a spot specifically for one.

1500 Wattage- At 1500 wattage, the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer has plenty of power. Deep fryers usually range between 1000-1800, with the bigger the fryer, the more power needed. Given the 2.8 L capacity, the heating power is probably similar to other models around the same size/price.

How to use it

This Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer is extremely to assemble and use. All of the parts come right together. To start it up, plug it in and turn the temperature dial up. There will be an indicator light to let you know when the unit is powered on. A second indicator light will let you know when the oil is done preheating. From there, simply put the food into the basket and let the deep frying commence. Once you're done oiling, turn the deep fryer off and let it cool before proceeding to clean it.


Presto Fry Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

If this size of this Hamilton Beach fryer feels right, you're probably best with sticking with this model. However, if you're unsure and you're considering maybe a deep fryer that feels like more of an upgrade, we suggest checking out our review of the T-Fal FR8000. It's also stainless steel and sits a little larger at 3.5 liters. It'll be more expensive, but it'll also include its own oil filtration system, making your job even easier.


Overall this is a powerful  fryer, large enough for a family yet small enough to still store fairly easily. Its stainless steel design makes it look professional as well as remain easy to clean. From its detachable parts to its digital timer, it offers some extra features while remaining at a reasonable cost.

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