Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034 Review

Hamilton Beach 35034 Deep Fryer
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Hamilton Beach is renown for many of their quality kitchen appliances. More specifically, they offer a large variety of deep fryers, one of the best from any brand. Their deep fryer, model 35034, is known as one of their biggest stainless steel electric deep fryer. It's able to cook up to 12 cups of food and can hold over a gallon of oil. Fortunately, the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034 has more to offer than just its size. 

Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Massive food capacity
  • Multiple models to select preferred basket selection
  • Non-stick interior
  • Detachable parts for an easy clean


  • Too small for some
  • Short power cord
  • Durability concerns
  • Slow heat up time

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034 Review

The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034 is a massive stainless steel deep fryer meant to handle a large load. With a 12 cup food capacity, you can expect to cook a lot of food at once. While including features such as detachable dishwasher safe parts, a break-away cord, and a lid with a see-through panel, there's a lot to like about this Hamilton Beach fryer. That being said, there are some things that should be up some concern. Lets check it all out in this review.

Who is this product for?

This deep fryer is going to be targeted for people who are trying to either deep fry larger food, such as chicken, or for somebody cooking for at least four. While the Hamilton Beach 35034 fryer is indeed large, it also offers a bundle of other features, though most are likely to be expected.

What’s included?

When you order the Hamilton Beach 35034 fryer, you're going to get a bunch of detachable parts. This'll include the deep fryer base, a deep fryer pot, a heating element to attach to the base, fryer basket(s), and a fryer lid. 

This specific deep fryer comes with three different model numbers including 35034, 35035, and 35036. With each of these model numbers, the deep fryers are actually the same. The only difference between these three fryers will be how many baskets you'll get with each deep fryer. Model 35034 offers two small baskets that can sit in the deep fryer side by side, while also including a large basket that fits the whole deep fryer. Conversely, the 35035 model offers only the large basket, while model 35036 offers just the two small baskets. We recommend choosing one of the models with the large basket, and if you'd like choose the 35034 model for the additional small baskets.

On top of all of the fryer parts, you'll get a pretty standard manual.

Overview of features

Materials- Most of the deep fryer is constructed out of stainless steel, with the inside pot having some coating on it to help create a non-stick experience. Overall, the stainless still is pretty thin.

Detachable Parts- Everything is basically detachable and can be thrown into the dishwasher. The only exception is the heating element, as you'll want to carefully wash that by hand.

Breakaway Plug- the break away plug is standard for just about any deep fryer. However, we're not a big fan of this one because its so short. Depending on your kitchen layout, you could be stuck with having this deep fryer directly under your cupboards.

Heating Element- The heating element includes indicator lights to inform you your fryer on, and whether or not your fryer has reached its desired temperature. There are also two dials, one for temp. and one that works as a timer. The temperature dial works as it should, although we're not the biggest fan of the designed timer. For one, if you set the timer, there is no audible noise to let you know it's done. Secondly, once it hits 0, the deep fryer automatically turns off. That feature specifically can get annoying especially if you're not entirely sure how long something should cook.

How the Hamilton Beach 35034 could improve

This is one of several models that use a very short plug-in. It's just not very convenient to every kitchen layout. Even just a foot or two added to its length would be beneficial.

Despite the 1800 wattage, an alarming amount of users have complained about the length of time it takes for this deep fryer to heat up properly. We're not use if this is a factory setting issue or something that occurs from user error, but it's worth mentioning.

A better consistent build. We worry about the durability of this Hamilton Beach deep fryer because there have been an odd amount of reports showing this deep fryer has stopped working after an insignificant amount of uses. Overall, the actual occurrence rates are probably quite low, but they're still high enough to point out.


KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

This KRUPS fryer has a lot of similar features as the Hamilton Beach 35034. They both serve 4.5 liters, have a stainless steel showcasing, offer 3 baskets, and come with detachable parts. We like this KRUPS fryer because it's proven to be more consistent than this Hamilton Beach model, and it looks nicer with a digital temperature display. Check out our full review of the KRUPS KJ502D51 here.


Overall this is a home deep fryer with a professional look. Its size allows you to cook for your whole family. While the deep fryer itself is easy to take a part and clean, the fact that there is no easy to drain the oil can become a problem for some. With the amount of oil you'll be using to operate this Beach Hamilton 35034, you'll want to clean the oil after each use to conserve its life span. Overall, if you don't mind having to filter out the oil, this could be a great option for you while staying at a reasonable price.

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Mario - February 16, 2020 Reply

Had this unit 35035 Hamilton Beach deep fryer and have only used it about 5 times in the course of a couple years and its dead There goes another sixty bucks . Wont happen again

    The Cooking Expert - February 17, 2020 Reply

    Hey Mario,
    It’s pretty unfortunate that you were only able to get a few uses out of it over a few years. Overall, that’s one of the biggest complaints about deep fryers these days. For one reason or another they simply break down quicker then the good ole days. Best of luck with your next deep fryer choice.

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