How much is a Deep Fryer? Guide to not Overpay

How much is a Deep Fryer
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Quick Overview

If you're looking for a new deep fryer, you can except to pay at least $20 for a basic small home model. If you're looking for something a bit more advanced, you could find a deep fryer for as much as $150, or even more. For example, a deep fryer meant to deep fry a 20 point turkey is obviously going to cost more than a bare minimum deep fryer that can only handle enough cooking for one or two people.

To find a better answer, we should first establish what type of deep fryer you're looking for and go from there.

Types of Deep Fryers for Home Use

Deep Fryer Cost

Figuring out the type of deep fryer should be pretty easy. Simply ask your self the three simple questions. Why? Where? For Whom? If you can figure out why you want a deep fryer, where you'd like to use it, and for whom you'd use it for, picking a type of deep fryer will be a easy as pie.

Electric Deep Fryer

These are probably the most common type of deep fryer and also the cheapest. These are simple deep fryers that you can plug in at home to heat up and fry smaller simple foods. Again, depending on the size, features, brand, materials, and more will determine the price. If you're looking to simply get by, $20-40 is pretty reasonable to get by. If you want one that can cook a lot, offers features that make it easier to cook and clean, you could spend over $100.

Benefits of using an electric deep fryer:

  • These are small appliances that can be stored anywhere
  • Can be used indoors
  • Safer than propane deep fryers
  • Customization- Electric Deep fryers can offer an arrange of features, so you can spend as much or as little as you want and only get the features you need in a deep fryer.

Disadvantages of using an electric deep fryer:

  • Taste may not be as good as a propane deep fryer
  • Takes longer to heat up and may take more batches to finish cooking as much as you need
  • May cause lingering smells within the home

Propane Deep Fryer 

Similar to a propane grill vs a indoor stove, you're likely to be able to cook a lot more food at once. Also, a propane deep fryer should only be used outside. If you're looking for a propane deep fryer, you're likely an avid deep fryer.

Benefits of using a propane deep fryer:

  • Can be stored outside, freeing your home of deep fryer oil odors
  • Heats up much faster than an electric deep fryer
  • Typically have larger food capacities, making it great for events or large gatherings

Disadvantages of using a propane deep fryer:

  • Is more dangerous to use than an electric deep fryer
  • Takes up more room to operate
  • Must manage and refill a propane tank for continued use
  • Must be used outdoors

Air Fryer

An air fryer primarily uses steam to cook foods. In some air fryers, you can put in a little bit of oil to add to the crisp and flavor of a food, although typically speaking, your foods aren't going to come out the same as a deep fryer. You'll lose some of that crisp textures. That being said, it's become increasingly popular over time because it is much healthier than deep frying foods since you're not submerging food into a deep fryer

Benefits of using an air fryer:

  • Healthier than deep frying
  • Easier to clean
  • No oil omitting oils, and no need to replace oil

Disadvantages of using an air fryer:

  • Some foods work better than others in an air fryer
  • Simply does not offer the same taste/textures of a deep fryer
  • Can get a bit more expensive than a deep fryer

Features in a Deep Fryer

When determining a cost of a deep fryer, you need to look at which features are most important to you. In this section, we'll talk about the most common features found in deep fryers to help you determine what you're truly seeking in your deep fryer experience

Cool-Touch- Anytime a deep fryer mentions cool touch, it means the exterior of the deep fryer will be cool to the touch, even in use. This could be an important feature for those looking for a safer experience around kids. However, this is more of a luxury feature than a necessary one.

Draining Systems- Many Deep Fryers offer different types of methods of being able to easily drain your oil. This has multiple benefits. If you can easily drain your oil, you're more likely to do it after each use. This doesn't mean you'll have to throw your oil out after each use, but instead you can store it in a safe cool place. This feature will allow you to easily clean the deep fryer after each use. Heck, some draining systems even filter out the oil for you, allowing it to stay clean and last longer. Usually this sort of feature is offered on a more premium deep fryer model.

Built in Thermostat- Most deep fryers comes with some sort of adjustable thermostat. This features usually comes in the form of a basic temperature dial that you can move up and down to adjust for your preferred temperature. However, some more premium models also offer digital thermostats so you can easily pick your preferred temp. This is important because frying foods at too low of a temperature can cause problems with how your food turns out. Cook something too low and it'll come out greasy and soggy.

Oil-Change Notice- Not everybody knows when to change the oil in a deep fryer, and that's okay because some deep fryers will let you know for you. Even though it's usually super easy to know when an oil is expired, some people simply don't care enough to find out how to know when your oil is expired

Break-Away Plugs- Even though most of these deep fryers will rest on your counter-tops, manufacturers know deep fryers can be extremely dangerous. If you have a giant pot of oil close to 400° F, then the last thing you want is that thing tipping over. For this cause, many deep fryers offer break-away plugs. That way, if the cord gets caught or yanked, the deep fryer simply unplugs instead of getting yanked and knocked over. This is usually done by having a magnetic plug-in that connects to the deep fryer. Magnets are good to keep these devices plugged in, but aren't too strong that a simple yank of the cord will still unplug the unit.

Baskets- Probably one of the most essentials necessaries of a deep fryer is a basket. Believe it or not, there are at least a few models that don't offer baskets with their deep fryers. Baskets are used to be able to lift food quickly and safely into and out of the burning oil of deep fryers. better yet, some deep fryers even offer dual-baskets. This allows you to deep fry multiple foods at once while keeping them from interjecting with one another.

So How Much is a Deep Fryer?

Regardless of if you're buying an electric, propane, or air fryer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30-150. It's more important to look at how fancy of a set-up you're looking for. If you're simply looking for the basics, you can find each type of these deep fryers for under $50. If you want something with a sleek stainless steel design that can handle a lot of food, plus offers convenient and easy to use features, you can easily spend four times more than a basic model. That's not a bad thing either. It's completely up to the buyer, and we won't judge either way. Manufacturers make different priced models because clearly there is a market for each.

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