How to Deep Fry Bacon at Home

How to Deep Fry Bacon at Home
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Can you Deep Fry Bacon?

In all honesty, you can deep fry just about anything. So, YES! You can most definitely deep fry bacon. Everybody loves bacon, that cannot be argued. What can be argued though is what is the best way to make bacon? You can nuke it in the microwave, stick it on a oven-sheet and bake it, or simply pan fry it. Another way is to deep fry it. There's a chance, you've had all these types of bacon while eating out somewhere and not even know it.  

If you're willing to give deep frying bacon a try, we'll show you the best ways to deep fry bacon, as well as tips and tricks to make it taste better as well as make it easier to deep fry.

Different Ways to Deep Fry Bacon

1) The "Naked" Method- This method just refers to the bacon being naked. In this method, you'll be deep frying your bacon as it is. This is the simplest way to deep fry your bacon.

2)The "Batter" Method- In this method, you make your own batter to cover the bacon, to deep fry a bacon with a battered exterior.

3)The Bacon wrapped Weenie Method- We'll call this an extra method if you're really looking for a treat. If you've ever had bacon wrapped mini-weenies, you'll want to check out how truly easy it is to pull this off. 

Deep Frying Naked Bacon

What you'll need: In this method, all you're going to need is a deep fryer, deep frying oil, and as much bacon as you're looking to deep fry. If you're unsure of what king of oil to use, check out my guide of choosing the best deep frying oil. If you don't want to read it all, we recommend vegetable if you're on a tight budget, or peanut oil if you want some quality oil at a still relatively low price.

Step 1) Prep your Deep Fryer by letting it heat up to 350-375° F. While it is possible to fry bacon at a lower temperature, we recommend a higher temperature because it'll result in a crisper non-fatty result. 

Step 2) If you're using a deep fryer, hopefully you have a basket. While the basket is out of the fryer, start laying the bacon as spread cleanly as you can. For best results, try to ensure the bacon is laid out as straight as possible, and aren't overlapping each other. Obviously, the bigger your deep fryer and basket are, the more you'll be able to deep fry at the same time. It's better to cook too few than too many. If you don't have a basket, it's best to use safety protection tools to lay the bacon in the oil. To do this, we recommend gloves and a pair of tongs, to distance yourself form the oil and also protect you from any splash back. *Helpful Tip* If you have a small deep fryer, it may be easier to cut the bacon in half, to be able to lay out the bacon easier.

Step 3) If you have a basket, this is where you'll slowly submerge the bacon into the oil. The bacon's fats and moisture will cause quite a bit of back splash, so make sure you're careful.

Step 4) The bacon should cook for close to 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of your cuts, it may be a little less than that. If you've ever seen cooked bacon, you know how the color should look. If your deep fryer has a lid to prevent back splash, you'll easily be able to keep track of the cook time until you're able to get your bacon deep frying routine going. 

Step 5) Once the bacon has darkened and you believe it to be cooked thoroughly, carefully life your bacon out of the deep fryer. Make sure to drain out as much oil as you can from your basket before placing the bacon on a paper towel lined plate. The paper towels are important because they'll help absorb the oil.

Step 6) Once your bacon is on the plate, make sure to also pat down the top of the bacon with a paper towel to help extract the extra oils off your bacon. 

If you repeat these steps a few times, it shouldn't take long for you to master the simple art of deep frying naked bacon.

How to Deep Fry Battered Bacon

How to make Deep Fried Bacon

Step 1) This step is all about making your batter. Here is everything you'll need.

Ingredients for batter:

  • Tools: A mixing bowl and a whisk.
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups of milk, whole
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste

1) To make batter, start by putting your flour into the mixing bowl.

2) Once you have that set, pour your milk into the mixing bowl. Make sure to mix with your whisk until it becomes smooth.

3) Lastly, add in your eggs and mix one last time.

4) Once, your batter is all set, it's important to refrigerate. A cold batter will react better with hot oil and help puff out the batter for a better deep fry experience. (It would be a good idea to make your batter and put in the fridge, and then start by cooking your bacon)

*Note* This is a bland batter recipe. Once your batter is mixed, you're free to add salt and pepper, as well as a large array of spices. If you have a personal favorite that you think you'll enjoy, give it a shot. I've seen and heard of people putting in ginger, lemon, and more.

Step 2)*Most Important Step* It's important to thoroughly cook your bacon before applying any batter to it. This is because in this method, your bacon will be the interior, and depending on how the batter turns out, you could be looking at different times to thoroughly cook raw bacon while its on the interior. This ensures your bacon is cooked and safe to eat.

Step 3)  It's time to put your batter on your tasty bacon. Make note, the thicker your bacon is, the easier it is. If your bacon is nice and thick, you'll be able to use tongs or your hands to dip and merge the bacon with the batter. Try and cover the entire piece. If your bacon is thin and frail, you'll have to be more careful with the batter coating, otherwise your bacon could just snap in half.

Step 4) Once you're happy with the coating, it's time to drop the bacon back into the deep fryer. Keep in mind, while the batter is pretty thin at this point, it is going to expand. Make sure you leave enough room for your bacon batter to expand without intersecting with each other. If they get too close, some of the batter could fall off, eliminating the whole porpose of this exercise.

Step 5) Keep in mind that your bacon is already pre-cooked, so you're really just looking to fry the batter here. The batter will cause the bacon to float much more, meaning you'll have to flip it half way through to ensure you get a full deep fry. This should be pretty simple, because you should be able to lift the basket up and do a quick flip and put the bacon back in. Make sure to deep fry each side for roughly 2 minutes.

Step 6) It's time to take the bacon out. I find it easier to set the basket into an empty sink, so I can use tongs to grab each piece of bacon to take out. You can of course simply dump the bacon onto your plate, at this point the batter isn't going to simply come off your bacon. Just like in the other method, make sure to use paper towels to pat down your battered bacon.

How to make Bacon Wrapped Weenies

I really enjoy this method because weenies + bacon is always amazing. You can eat it plain, dip it in sauce, or even submerge it into your favorite sauce, to let it really absorb that flavor.

What you will need

  • Bacon
  • Weenies (grocery stores will almost always have mini-weenies premade for you
  • Tooth Picks

Step 1) Set your deep fryer to 375° F (You'll be able to prep your bacon as your deep fryer heats up)

Step 2) Cut your uncooked bacon strips into thirds.

Step 3) Wrap your small bacon pieces around the small weenies

Step 4) Take a tooth pick and pierce it through the bacon wrapped weenie. This will ensure the bacon stays wrapped to the weenie.

Step 5) Once you are ready to start your first batch, insert them into the deep fryer.

Step 6) As long as you're not overloading the fryer, these shouldn't take long to make. The smaller bacon strips should speed up the cooking process. 4 minutes should be about right, but don't be afraid to pull out early or late. Trust your eyes. 

Step 7) Take out your little wrapped weenies and place them onto a paper towel lined plate. As always, pat down your fried food to help extract all the extra oils.

Step 8) Dip your bacon wrapped weenies into your favorite Sauce


Hopefully you got a feel on not only how to deep fry bacon, but also how to have fun with it. Bacon goes well with anything, so whether it's battered bacon or bacon wrapped weenies, there are a ton of ways to have tasty deep fried bacon. 

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