How to Eliminate Deep Fryer Odors

How to get rid of Deep Fryer Odors
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Deep frying is a household staple in some kitchens, but not everybody understands how to hide, overcome, or completely eliminate the odors that come from deep frying. Fortunately, there are tons of proven ways to completely get rid of those nasty deep fryer odors that are clogging up your beautiful kitchen. By following these tips, you’re sure to make your mark and get rid of these smells for good.

Deep Fryer Odors: Prevention, Reduction, and Elimination

Before we start diving into how to get rid of deep fryer oil odors, it’s important to consider prevention, reduction, and elimination. You should keep in mind these three core ideas when it comes to deep frying smells.

By creating measures to prevent odor smells, you’re already reducing or eliminating them before they even arrive.

The idea of reduction on the other hand won’t completely eliminate the odors, but it can reduce them significantly.

Finally, there’s odor elimination. Now, you can put in motion ideas and strategies to help prevent or reduce odors, but sometimes, ultimately, you’ll need a method to completely vanquish these odors. The tips listed down below will fall under one of these three categories, and it’s not a bad idea to keep in mind how each method may help you personally.

Getting rid of Deep Fryer Oil Odors Quick Tips

1)Ventilation– Any sort of ventilation will help reduce deep frying odors. This could mean turning on a fan in the room. You might have a ceiling fan or a stove top ventilation fan as well. Ventilation can also come from opening up a window.

2)Closing Doors– By closing doors to other rooms, you can ensure you contain the odors into one general area. Unfortunately, a lot of kitchens offer pretty open spaces, which mean dining areas and living spaces may not have doors to close.

3)Filters– Did you know that some deep fryers specifically come with odor eliminating filters? By using a deep fryer with this built in feature, you’re already one step ahead of the game when it comes to ditching those oil smells.

4)Cleaning up As soon as possible– This is a tried and true method to avoid any kind of odor. If your sink is full of dishes, it’s going to smell much worse on day 7 than it would on day one. The same thing applies to your deep fryer. Make sure you clean up any spills, dishes, and the surrounding area after each deep fryer use.

5) Location, Location, Location– While it can be convenient at times, nothing forces you to deep fry in the kitchen. For example, any time we deep fry a turkey with our electric deep fryer, we often do it either outside on the back patio or in the garage. This is a great way to completely get rid of the odor (by frying outside) or by containing the odor in areas where people don’t hang out (the garage).

6) Baking Sweets– Anytime you’re baking sweets, it usually brings a very strong aroma. One of the easiest and tastiest things to bake that bring a strong aroma are cookies! Everybody loves some fresh baked cookies.

7)Air Fresheners/Candles- There are tons of different types of automatic air fresheners to help keep the air smelling as fresh 24/7. You can also light some nice smelling candles as well to help combat the smells of frying oil. If you do go the candle route, just make sure you don’t leave it lit unattended for a long time, especially at night. While it may seem harmless, crazier things have happened, especially with households with kids and/or pets.

8) Vinegar and Water Solution– A great way for getting rid of any lingering smells, from your kitchen to even your car, you can use a vinegar/water solution to help absorb up any kind of odor. To create this solution, you simply need one cup of water per 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Boil this solution and let it cool for a few minutes. To add a bit of natural odor, you can even add a variety of things to this solution. This may include anything you like from vanilla extract to a hint of cinnamon.

9) Leaving out bowls of various compounds/foods– Did you know that some people use baking soda to help eliminate the odors of a litter box? Well the same thing can apply to deep fryer oils. In fact, on top of baking soda, things such as coffee grounds can also help eliminate odors. You can try various different things from scents you truly love. I’m definitely not a coffee drinker, so I don’t think i could go with coffee grounds personally.

10) Keep Oil Fresh– While you don’t need to replace your oil after each use, by reusing oil too much, you’re adding a lot of extra odors to each use. Not to mention, over time the smoke point of oil starts to decrease, also adding more odors into the air. If you’re unsure about when to replace oil, check out our guide here.


Hopefully these 10 tips not only help you get rid of deep fryer odors, but also provide some good practical deep fryer tips. Is there anything we’ve missed? If you have any special methods to get rid of deep fryer oils, let us know down in the comments below.

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