Le Creuset Nonstick Frying Pan Review

Le Creuset Frying Pan Review
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Quick Overview






  • PFOA Free
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Available in 5 different Sizes
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Premium Pricing
  • Does not come with a lid

Le Creuset Frying Pan Review


Le Crueset’s frying pan is no joke to say the least. Its considered a premium product to combat the likes of All-Clad. That being said, its not completely fair to compare it to a cheap run of the mill frying pan. Le Crueset makes sure its frying pan offers many unique features to stand out from the competition.


When you look at the Le Crueset frying pan, you can tell it was well thought out. While some features were simplistic, while others are unique in the frying pan market, it feels as if everything was put into frying pan for a reason.

Magnetic Base

One of the unique features in the Le Creuset frying pan is its magnetic base. The magnetic power isn’t overbearing for obvious reasons, but it does help keep the pan over the stove from slight bumps and movements. Despite its magnetic capabilities, the stainless steel base also resists corrosion.


The handle offers a stainless steel rivet, which helps secure the handle in place. The handle shouldn’t break no matter how often you fry with it. The handle itself is also constructed out of stainless steel, and its ergonomic, so the heat doesn’t transfer up to where you would touch the handle.

Available Sizes

I’ve yet to see a frying pan offer so many different size options, almost to the point to where i’m confused. The sizes include 8″, 9 1/2″, 10″, 11″, and 12″. It doesn’t make too much since on why you would choose pan sizes based off a 1/2 inch, but more power to the buyer I suppose.

Quick Heating

Like several other frying pans, this Le Creuset version offers a system of quick heating. The frying pan heats up quicker than most standard frying pans, meaning you’ll never have a reason to turn the heat up past medium. This is actually highly recommend because high temperatures can cause disruption in the non-stick element of frying pans.

Construction Material

The core of the Le Creuset frying pan is constructed out of aluminum. The merchant makes it clear its encapsulated aluminum, which means the aluminum core is layered in other metals. They fail to inform you exactly what the construction is made out of. It could be stainless steel or something else entirely. 

Le Creuset also mentions how the non-stick material is reinforced three times to guarantee against flake, peeling, and rust.


Overall, one of the reasons to try and purchase a premium frying pan is to ensure you have no issues with future durability. We can safely say this frying pan should last longer than most frying pans. The only reason this won’t be true is if you misuse it. You can only misuse it by putting it under too high of a heat or by the lack of conditioning it from time to time. Its not very often you can find a happy customer base on premium products simply because the expectations are automatically set so much higher.


There isn’t a lot to be concerned about with the Le Creuset Non-Stick Frying Pan. They offer a life time warranty with a 90 day back guarantee. There aren’t any malfunctions to speak of with the frying pan. I suppose the only true negative is its price range may not be suitable for everybody. If we’re going to nitpick I suppose we can talk about its lack of versatility. Some frying pans are a bit deeper and can be used as a combo pan, going from frying pan to sauce pan in a moments notice. However, the Le Creuset Frying pan is just a frying pan. Therefore, it doesn’t come with a lid. 


As a premium frying pan, Le Creuset competes with the best of them. From its magnetic base to its triple reinforced non-stick coating, you can tell a serious effort is made to ensure the highest of quality. This is proven further because a 90 day money back guarantee is offered on top of a life time warranty. Overall, we understand this frying pan can’t be for everybody due to its price point, but for those looking for a premium option, the Le Creuset frying pan makes a lot of sense.

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