Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer Review

Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer Review
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Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Affordable
  • Large Size
  • Non-stick interior
  • Comes with three fry baskets
  • Engaged Customer Service


  • Durability Concerns
  • Manufacturing Concerns

Maxi Matic's Elite Platinum Deep Fryer should be great. It has a 4.2L capacity, offers detachable washable parts, includes a total of 3 fry baskets, and has all of the other essentials. The question then becomes, why isn't it great then? To put it simply, I don't trust its manufacturing process. Sometimes what's on the inside matters more than what we can see on the outside, and i'm afraid on the inside of this Elite Platinum Deep Fryer is a lot of problems. I say all of this because there are an alarming amount of reports with malfunctions with this fryer that range from the indicator lights not working properly to the fryer entirely not working itself.

Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer Review

Overall the Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer is a large fryer that's easy to use and simple to clean. When it's working, it most definitely gets the job done. It's even slightly cheaper than some of the common models that are about a liter smaller. However, sometimes you get what you pay for. If you try and get too cheap for a large fryer, then you may find yourself disappointed down the road.

Who is this product for?

This product is great for anyone willing to take a chance on a large and cheaper priced deep fryer. With its large capacity and multiple basket set-up, it can definitely deep fry quite a bit. If you're deep frying for a larger crowd, this is definitely an above-average sized deep fryer.

What’s included?

When you order the Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer you will receive several parts that make up the deep fryer. This includes the deep fryer base, a removable inner pot in which the oil goes into, a detachable heating element, and a lid that comes with a filter. You'll also get three frying baskets. One basket will cover the entirety of the deep fryer, and you'll also get two smaller fry baskets that fit side by side in the deep fryer. You'll also get the manual for the deep fryer with each purchase.

Overview of features

Size- We've mentioned its 4.2L capacity already. It's definitely an above averaged sized deep fryer.

Detachable Parts- Having detachable parts is important because it makes for an easy clean. Anytime you can remove the heating element away from the deep fryer, you can safely wash all other parts in a sink or dishwasher. Even wiping away the heating element should be as simple as taking some wet cloth and wiping it down. The removable Inner pot and heating element should be the core pieces you'll want to wash often because those are the pieces submerged into the oil.

1700 Watts- This deep fryer is powered by 1700 watts which is good. Most deep fryers won't go above 1800 watts. Typically the bigger the fryer, the more power you'll want to heat up the fryer.

Break-Away Magnetic Cord- This feature is more or less standard in deep fryers. They can be annoying because at times they can fall out with little pressure, but it's much better than the alternative of accidentally getting the cord yanked to see a bunch of oil at 375°F spilling all over yourself or your kitchen. You can't exactly immediately clean up oil that hot.

Customer Service- Customer service isn't a direct feature, but it's important when purchasing a deep fryer because of their tendencies to malfunction. I've found this team of support to be quite helpful. They'll actually reach out and try to fix problems instead of trying to avoid all contact. This means if you do have any problems, you're more likely to actually receive help. It's much better than simply getting the cold shoulder.

How to use it

As most deep fryers should be, the Elite Platinum Deep Fryer is quite easy to use. Here is how to use the Elite Platinum Deep Fryer in a step-by-step process.

  1. Fill up your deep fryer with your desired oil.
  2. Next, simply plug in your Elite Platinum Deep Fryer. Set the temperature gauge up to 375° F and set your timer up to 60 minutes. You must turn on the timer for the deep fryer to function. While it sounds silly, this is another common safety feature to ensure you don't accidentally leave your fryer on for extended periods of time.
  3. You'll know when your deep fryer is ready because there are two indicator lights. One lets you know the unit has turned on, and the second lets you know once your oil has finished heating up.
  4. Decide if you're using one large fry basket or the two small ones. Personally, I prefer the large basket. Pour/put your food into your basket(s) and proceed by slowly lowering your food into the deep fryer. Once your food is submerged, put the lid carefully over the deep fryer.
  5. Once your food has finished deep frying, simply remove the lid and slowly raise the baskets out of the oil. The baskets/fryer have a hang spot that allows you to hang your food above the oil to help shake out some of the extra grease.
  6. Once you're ready to put the food onto your plate, line the plate with paper towels and then pour your food onto the plate. The paper towels help soak up some of the extra grease. You can easy grab an extra paper towel or two and pat down the top of your food to help out this process.
  7. Ensure your deep fryer has been turned off and unplugged.
  8. Let the food cool down and enjoy!


If you're unsure about the Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer, that's okay. There are a lot of deep fryers out there, some vastly different from others. So whether you're looking at similar models or you are simply looking at models with different features, you should check out our best deep fryers guide. We'll be sure to help you make the best decision possible. 


Overall the Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Deep Fryer can be a handy plus sized fryer. Its multiple baskets allow you some versatility, and overall, you'll be able to deep fry quite a bit with each use. There have been some reported manufacturing concerns with this deep fryer in regards to it not lasting very long. However, I found their support team to be better suited to actually help with problems than most, which helps counter balance the quality assurance issue. This isn't my personal favorite in terms of deep fryers, but at its price and size, I can see why people would be interested in it.

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