MICHELANGELO 8 Inch Frying Pan Review

Michelangelo non-stick frying pan review
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The Michelangelo 8″ frying pan is one of the most reliable ceramic non-stick options on the market. By going with ceramic, you’re ditching the controversial Teflon. This specific pan is more than that as it also offers a heat resistant lid and handle for oven use. Overall, we’ve made it our favorite ceramic coating frying pan in our past frying pans guide. Check out the rest of the review to see everything we love and hate about the Michelangelo pan before making any buying decisions.

Quick Overview






  • PFOA Free
  • Uses Riveted Handles
  • Includes a lid
  • Available in 8" and 10"


  • Induction compatible, but not induction optimized
  • Possible durability concern with the non-stick coating
  • Not for dishwasher

MICHELANGELO 8 Inch Frying Pan with Lid Review


For the most part, the Michelangelo Non-Stick frying pan promotes simple common features with its frying pan. However, you can tell, some of its features were well thought out. A perfect example would be its lid.


Its lid is mostly standard with its tempered glass appearance. It does have a small venting hole to allow smoke to release. In case there’s any confusion, this is presented in some lids to ensure the lid doesn’t spontaneously break. We’ve checked out enough frying pans with lids to know this is actually a legit thing. The downside is that it may not hold in as much heat as you’d like at times. 

Additionally instead of plastic knobs, this pan uses some sort of stainless steel knob. This ensures a higher heat resistance, so if you were to put your pan into the oven for example, it would be able to handle up to 450°F heat.

Lastly, yes the knob is metal, but while on the stove, you shouldn’t be using this pan above a medium heat, so the knob should never get too hot to touch.

Riveted Handle

As with most quality frying pans, this pan uses a riveted handle to ensure it stays secure. You shouldn’t have any issues with the handle loosening over the life duration of the Michelangelo frying pan.

Lastly, similar to the knob, the handle is also constructed out of a stainless steel or metal substance. This also ensures it can handle higher heat temperatures. However, as long as you’re using it on the stove over the center of the burner, under the correct heating conditions, you shouldn’t have any issues with the handle being too hot to touch.

Sizing Options

The specific Michelangelo non-stick frying pan that we’re reviewing comes in 8″ and 10″ diameter pans. However, there are several other types of Michelangelo pans of various sizes. Some of them may not offer some of the features presented here, such as lids.

Construction Material

Copper Ceramic and Titanium Interior Coating- The insides of the pan is constructed out of a combination of titanium and copper ceramic materials. This surface allows the pan to heat up quite quickly and to provide extreme non-stick properties. Its much more durable than normal ceramic non-stick surfaces in our opinion.

The biggest problem among users with the non-stick coating is that it’s more susceptible to misuse. By this we’re talking about over heating and the dishwasher. While you may see this Michelangelo 8 inch frying pan as dishwasher safe, it’s not recommended. You’re going to ruin any non-stick coating in the dishwasher over time, but that feels especially true with this specific model frying pan.

People also need to understand that by turning the stove past medium heat, you’re suspecting the non-stick properties to scratch or flake over time.

Tri-Ply Construction Base– The three layered base is supposed to allow the pan to heat quickly and evenly cook throughout the pan. It’s even advertised as being suitable for all stove types including induction. We find that to only be partially true. While it can and will work on a good amount of induction stoves, it’s definitely not a pan specifically made for induction stove tops. We’ve found some people struggle with the pan to read on their stoves efficiently. In some cases, it doesn’t even work at all. 


We’ve discussed durability of the Michelangelo 8″ non-stick frying pan somewhat already in the construction material section. Overall, compared to many ceramic non-stick coatings, it’s pretty durable. The biggest issues are going to come from people that heat their pans at too high of a temperature, and by those who wash their pans in the dishwasher.

If you’re looking for an ultra durable non-stick coating, you should probably step away from ceramic coatings. Although, this means you could be entering the fields of teflon coating, which will lead to a very mixed bag of opinions.


There are two primary concerns with the Michelangelo non-stick frying pan. One is based on user error and the other is based on faulty advertisement. My first concern is that people are going to not read their instructions leading them to put the pan in the dishwasher. It’ll ruin the pan fairly quickly.

Our secondary concern is that it’s not a very good pan for induction stoves, despite its claims that it’ll work on induction stoves. Depending on your stove, it may or it may not. It’s definitely not optimized for induction stoves.


Overall, we thoroughly like the Michelangelo 8″ non-stick frying pan, and we’re not the only ones. It offers a teflon-free coating with its titanium and copper ceramic make-up. Additionally, its lid and handle are constructed out of some form of stainless steel, allowing it handle higher heats, adding versatility. Unfortunately, it’s not a pan for everybody, especially those with induction stove tops. We believe in this pan enough to place it under our favorite ceramic based pan on our guide of the best frying pans. If there’s anything you’d need to know about the Michelangelo frying pan, you can ask us in the comments below.

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