Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Deep Fryer Review

Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Review
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Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Affordable
  • Detachable Parts
  • Non-stick interior


  • Sensitive Power cord
  • Questionable Reliability

The Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 is a very affordable deep fryer with comparable features to many deep fryers in the same price range. It offers an above average size at 3.7 liters for its price range. It's listed at $49.99 but you're likely to find a better price for this fryer.

Like many deep fryers, this fryer comes standard with a non-stick detachable interior. This means, once you're done frying, and the oil has cooled, you can simply lift the interior pot, pour your oil into a storage space, and easily wipe down the fryer. You'll find much more to like about the CKSTDFZM37-SS1 deep fryer in this review.

 OSTER CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Deep Fryer Review

The Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Deep fryer is easy to use, affordable, and easy to clean. As mentioned, it's very comparable to deep fryers around the same price range. That being said, it's important to highlight how it stands out which includes the good and the bad.

The good includes a larger size than most similarly priced deep fryers. This Oster fryer stands at 3.7 liters or 15 cups, while other similar models aren't usually bigger than 3.1 liters, such as the hamilton beach model i recently reviewed. Outside of this feature, this fryer doesn't necessarily stand out. Don't take that too negatively because relatively speaking it's hard to make features in a deep fryer truly stand out without making the product more expensive.

There are most definitely some areas where this fryer seems to fall short in as well. There are some durability concerns as many users have claimed the product has stopped working after one or two uses. For whatever reason, this is a somewhat common problem among deep fryers, as you'll find that many reviews stating this shortcoming on almost any fryer model. Again, the chances of it happening to you are small, but it can still happen. The bigger concern to me is the warranty attached to the unit. At the amazon listing for this Oster deep fryer, the warranty information is almost invisible. Although, if you click through to the manual, you'll be able to find the warranty information. That can be found here. To save you the trouble, i'll sum it up for you.

The warranty basically offers a limited 1-year warranty which is serviced through a third party. This is based on from the date of purchase, and you'll have to have a copy of your proof of purchase receipt. When all is said and done, I believe a warranty claim is going to be a huge hassle, from trying to file a claim, to sending it in, to waiting for the service, and then the eventual return. There are deep fryers with better warranties, such as the Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer, which offers a 2-year warranty while also trying to help out troubled customers on the amazon selling page.

Who is the Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 for?

This product is great for anyone, from somebody just getting into deep frying to somebody who has done it their whole life. Given the size of the unit, it makes sense for deep frying for 2-4 people. Most foods deep fry fairly quickly, so you can always make multiple batches fairly efficiently if you're deep frying for a larger crowd.

What’s included?

When you order the Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 deep fryer you will receive an assortment of parts included in your Oster box. This should include your deep fryer base, an interior detachable pot, a detachable magnetic power cord, plastic stand legs for your fryer, a lid, a fryer basket, and the manual.

Overview of features

Lets continue to talk about the unit features to give you a better picture of what you're getting into.

Lid- The lid of the unit is construced out of the same stainless material as the base of the fryer. It offers a see-through panel to allow you to see thorugh to your food as it deep fries. It also adds in a filter to slow down deep fryer smoke and help reduce some of the oily smells that come with deep frying.

Power Cord- The power cord for this Oster unit has a magnetic connection to your deep fryer. So basically if you pull at it, it'll disconnect from the unit and turn off. This ensures you don't accidentally yank the cord, knocking over your deep fryer full with hot oil. A lot of consumers do not like this feature because sometimes the cords become too sensitive, easily falling out of the unit, but this is more or less standard in all deep fryer models. We will admit, this cord specifically feels extra sensitive, but you'll be fine as long as you have no need to move the unit while you're deep frying.

Detachable Parts- We've mentioned the detachable interior pot before. Really everything is detachable, although you should mostly be cleaning your interior pot, your lid, and the heating element. The heating element is the part the heats the unit up, so that'll be the only part you can't simply submerge into water to help wipe it down. You'll have to wipe that carefully by hand, while just about anything else can go into the dishwasher.

Power- The power of this unit is 1500 watts, which is fairly standard for deep fryers. I've seen them as low as 900-1200 watts and they can go as high as 1800 watts. It's often based on the size of the deep fryer. A bigger fryer means you'll need more power to quickly heat it up. 1500 watts for a medium sized fryer should be plenty of power.

How to use the Oster Deep Fryer

Overall the Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1 Deep Fryer is super easy to use. Simply plug it in and set the temperature, which ranges from 250° F to 375° F. There will be an indicator light for when the unit is turned on, and a second indicator light to let you know when your oil has reached the requested temperatures.

From there, simply use your fry basket and submerge your food. Place the lid on the deep fryer and wait for your food to cook. Once done, turn the fryer off and have a paper towel lined plate ready to dump your food onto. Once you food is on the plate, make sure to pat down your food with additional paper towels to free your food from remaining grease.


Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer

(Find the review for the Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer Here)

Here is a very comparable model to the Oster model we've reviewed above. The Aigostar model is a little smaller at 3.0 liters but beats the Oster model in about a few other aspects. It offers more power at 1800 watts and a longer and easier to handle 2-year warranty.

Outside of the difference, everything is pretty similar. They both offer a detachable power cord, a lid, and detachable parts that are dishwasher safe.


Overall this is powerful medium sized fryer. It's constructed fairly well, and it's bigger than most fryers around the same price point. However, we question their warranty process, and may recommend something else because of it. When it's all said and done, we wouldn't fault you for purchasing the Oster CKSTDFZM37-SS1, although we think there are safer options. Check out our list of the best deep fryers on the market.

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