Presto 05466 Pro Fry Deep Fryer Review

Presto 05466 Pro Fry Deep Fryer Review
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The Presto 05466 Pro Fry Deep Fryer is a highly reliable deep fryer with fairly large frying capabilities. With a maximum of 5 quarts of oil, you’re able to deep fry as much as your heart desires. It’s also very easy to clean as the heating elements and inner pot are both detachable. Compared to most other fryers, this Presto model actually holds up much better than most fryers. That being said, it’s not a perfect fryer by any means. A cheaply made lid can make it difficult keeping the lid on the fryer while it’s in use. 

Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Affordable
  • Removable inner pot and heating element
  • Non-stick interior


  • Cheap Lid
  • Comes with 2 small baskets, but no large basket

Specifications/List of Features

  • Dimensions: 19x12x12 inches
  • Max Capacity: 5 quartz of oil
  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Comes with two side by side baskets
  • Removable heating element and enameled pot for an easy clean.
  • Manufacturer recommends to fry with the lid off when frying high moisture foods
  • Lid comes with a charcoal filter
  • Stainless Steel Exterior frame

Who is this product for?

Overall the Presto 05466 Pro Fry Deep Fryer could be for anybody. Although its larger size indicates it's best suited for deep frying for several people. It also makes sense for people who like the idea of frying different foods at the same time.

What’s included?

When you order the Presto 054466 Pro Fry Deep Fryer you will receive a set of parts that make up the deep fryer. This will include a base, a removable inner pot, a removable heating element, a lid, and a magnetic break-away cord. You'll also receive two small fry baskets that fit into the fryer side by side.

Overview of features

In this portion of the review, we look to cover all the good and bad features of the Presto 05466 Pro Fry Deep Fryer. 

Good Features

  • Removable Inner Pot and Heating Element- anytime you're looking for a deep fryer, it may be best to look for removable parts. This is even more true with larger deep fryer. Removable parts allow you to simply lift up the oil pot out of the base. This can help you pour out oil compared to trying to lift up the entire deep fryer. It can also make cleaning seamless, as you can simply throw into the sink or dishwasher and not worry about getting the electrical components wet.
  • Durability/Craftsmanship- This Presto Pro Fry has well above average durability and craftsmanship. Compared to other deep fryers, there are quite a bit less reported breakdowns and dead on arrival units. This means, you can feel safer when making this purchase.
  • Non-Stick Interior- The coated non-stick interior of the inner removable pot allows for an easy clean. It's as simple as putting it under water and giving it a simple wipe, assuming you wash your deep fryer regularly. 
  • Capacity- With a 5 quart capacity, this is definitely not your average deep fryer. It should be able to hold quite a bit of oil/food.
  • Power- A deep fryer's power can be important when it comes to your oil temperature. More power means your oil will heat up faster as well as recoup faster once cold food gets put into the fryer. This is especially true for larger deep fryers, as they'll have more oil to remain heated. That's why this fryer is at 1800 watts. 1800 watts is the max amount of wattage that most home deep fryers will reach. This Presto 05466 Pro Fry should have no problem heating up.

Bad Features

Sadly, not even this Presto deep fryer is perfect. Just like everything else in life, it'll have its flaws.

  • Plastic Lid- You're probably not one of those people that read manuals. If that's true, you probably wouldn't have even caught that the manufacturer recommends deep frying high moisture foods without the lid. Long story short, if you fry with the lid, you could see the lid melt with a lot of heated steam/condensation. That sucks. A lot of people don't like to deep fry with an open top either. Also, what constitutes as a "high moisture" food. It kinda leaves you with more questions than answers. If you don't mind frying with the lid open, this isn't a problem. However, if you cook a lot of fresh food, you're likely better off leaving the lid off of this unit.
  • Dual Baskets- Dual baskets may seem nice at first thought, and they definitely can be. However, many deep fryers that have dual baskets often come with a single large basket. Not everybody enjoys the dual basket feature. It does cause you to lose some space in the deep fryer, so if you don't need to deep fry multiple foods at once very often, it can be a little frustrating.

Other Features

These features are inherently neither good or bad. Most of these features are simple and standard features you'll find in most deep fryers.

  • Break Away Magnetic Cord- Some may not like it, but the magnetic break away cord is standard in just about every deep fryer. It allows the cord to break away due to a magnetic connection. This is important because you don't want to accidentally catch the cord and knock over a deep fryer containing 375° F oil. The problems with these cords is that sometimes they can become touchy and fall out due to small movements.
  • Adjustable Thermostat- Hopefully any deep fryer you own has an adjustable thermostat that you can control. They should be standard, so ensure whatever you purchase has one of these. They should also at least reach 375° F, as does this one.
  • Indicator Lights- Some deep fryers have multiple indicator lights to inform you when your fryer is on and when it is heated. This Presto fryer keeps it simple. The light comes on when you turn your unit on, and then the light turns off once your oil has properly heated.

How to use it

This is a step by step short guide on how to use your Presto 05466 deep fryer. It's a standard deep fryer in terms of use, so if you've used a deep fryer before, feel free to skip this section.

  1. Fill your deep fryer with your preferred oil. If you're not sure on which oil to use, we recommend vegetable or peanut.
  2. Plug in your Presto fryer and adjust your temperature to your desired amount.
  3. Allow your fryer to heat up. The light should turn on as you adjust your temperature. The light will turn off once the oil has heated up to your specified amount.
  4. Once your oil is heated, you can place your food in your basket. Slowly lower the full basket into the fryer. This can take as much time as you need to safely lower the food. Note that wet foods will cause splatter, so it's best to ensure you've patted down any wet food before placing it into your deep fryer.
  5. If applicable, place the lid on top of your fryer to allow your food to cook.
  6. Once your food is ready, remove the lid and slowly raise your food above the fryer. There is a hinge you can set your basket on right above the oil. This is used as a resting point to allow some of the oil to drain before proceeding to put in onto a plate. Give it a minute or so to drain and then lift up and safely shake the basket to get even more oil out.
  7. Place your food onto a paper towel lined plate. The paper towels will help absorb the oil. Pat down your food with a paper towel.
  8. Ensure you've turned off your unit and unplugged it for safe measure.
  9. Once your oil has cooled, ensure you store your oil and clean your deep fryer.


If you're unsure about the Presto 05466 Pro Fry, that's okay. There are a lot of deep fryers out there, some vastly different from others. So whether you're looking at similar models or you are simply looking at models with different features, you should check out our best deep fryers guide. We'll be sure to help you make the best decision possible. 


Overall the Presto 05466 Pro Fry is a great reliable deep fryer. It's big in size and reasonable in price. It has many standard features of deep fryers in this day and age. Its removable parts allow for an easy clean. The biggest downside is that the manufacturer recommends not cooking with the lid on for some high moisture foods. This'll surely turn some people away, and it's hard to blame. I want to deep fry with the lid on as well. We hope you found our review helpful.

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