Presto 06003 and 06006 Comparison Review

presto 06003 and presto 06006
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The Presto 06003 and the Presto 06006 are both known as electric multi-cooker/steamers with deep frying capability. We're reviewing these devices together, because they are the same appliances, with marginal differences in size and power. Overall, we love the Presto 06003 and 06006 because they're versatile, easy to use, inexpensive, and easy to clean.

Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Affordable
  • Multiple Uses
  • Non-stick interior
  • Simplicity at its finest


  • Lid does not fit perfectly when basket is in use
  • Even handles may heat up when pot is in use
  • Thinner Materials vs older models

If you're looking for an effective deep fryer that can also turn into a steamer/multi-cooker, then with the Presto 06003 and Presto 06006, you'll find an all-in-one appliance. 

Presto 06003 and 06006 Review

Who is this product for?

This product can be great for anybody. It's decent sized, but not over-sized, so just about anybody can use it from a one person household to a 4-6 person household. This product is also great for anybody moving into a new home and needing new appliances. This is especially true since it can be used to steam soups and pastas while also having deep frying capability. It's an easy 2-for-1 deal.

What’s included?

When you order either the Presto 06003 or 06006, you're going to get a box of unassembled parts. No worries, everything is quite simple. There will be four legs to attach to the deep fryer base, and the basket handle that pops into place with the basket. You'll also receive a power cord and an instruction booklet. Presto stands by their products with a limited one-year warranty. It appears to be a pretty standard warranty which will have its own guidelines and restrictions.

Overview of features

Materials- The base of the deep fryer is constructed out of cast aluminum. Along the base is a non-stick coating to make the deep fryer easy to clean or wipe down. The lid is constructed out of tempered glass to allow you to see through the lid as things are cooking. This deep fryer's basket has a clip which catches the side of the deep fryer allowing it to hang above the oil for easy oil draining.

Temperature Gauge- The temperature dial ranges from 200°0 to 400° F, although I'm not quite sure it can reach the full 400° F. 

Size-If we're speaking capacity, the Presto 06003 is bigger than the 06006 model. The 06003 model holds 6 quarts while the 06006 model only holds 5 quarts. We're a little surprised they didn't make a bigger discrepancy between the two models. We expected at be able to cook at least 2 more quarts in a model that sizes up.

Power- Because the Presto 06003 is slightly bigger it also has a stronger power cord to accommodate. Overall the 06003 model has a 1300 watt cord while the Presto 06006 has a 1200 watt cord. Some of the higher grade deep fryers will have wattages up to 1800, so don't expect this to heat up instantly. It'll take 10-15 minutes before heating up fully to 350-400° F.

How to use it

The Presto 06003 and 06006 are both very easy to use. Simply plug it in, set your temperature and start steaming, cooking, or frying. One thing we should mention is that when you are using the basket, the lid doesn't fit on perfectly, because there is no lip for the lid to rest onto the basket handle. This shouldn't be a big deal for most nor should it cause problems as long as you're not over filling your deep fryer. The plug-in is magnetic, meaning if your presto appliance catches on anything, it'll simply turn off instead of tip over.

Presto 06003 vs 06006 

The only real differences between the Presto 06003 and 06006 is that the 06003 is a little bigger (6 quarts) than the 06006 model (5 quarts). Because of the size difference, the 06003 model is also powered at 1300 watts vs the 1200 watts of the 06006 model. That's it. Everything else from materials to features are exactly the same.

Chart Comparing the Presto 06003 and 06006

Model 06003

Model 06006

6 Quart Capacity

5 Quart Capacity

1300 Wattage

1200 Wattage

Non-Stick Coating

Non-Stick Coating

Temperature Gauge 200-400° F

Temperature Gauge 200-400° F


KRUPS KJ502D5  (Full Review Here)

Maybe you're looking for just a deep fryer. If that's the case, the KRUPS KJ502D5 is a great choice. It offers a high quality stainless steel base and a similar 4.5 L capacity. Its parts are also detachable for a nice and easy clean. Overall, it's one of our favorite choices when it comes to a reasonably priced deep fryer.


Overall this is a versatile, inexpensive appliance with multi-use capabilities. While it offers only simply features, it's still efficient and does the job it's meant to do. Whether you're looking to make soups, steam pasta, or deep fry fries, the Presto 06003 and 06006 models could be a decent option for you.

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