Presto Fry Daddy and GranPappy Comparison Review

Fry Daddy Review
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Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Easy to Lift Handle and snap-on lid make for easy transporting and storage
  • automatic temperature setting, no dial necessary
  • Non-stick coating make it easy to clean


  • No basket, which can make certain foods harder to pick up
  • No lid to put over while deep frying
  • Lack of temperature gauge may put-off some buyers 

Presto Fry Daddy Review

The Presto Fry Daddy is made to be energy efficient and easy to use. Between its air-tight lid and its easy to use handle, you're going to be able to store and carry your FryDaddy better than almost any other deep fryer. On top of this, the fact that it comes with a big-sized laddle instead of a basket, you'll be able your deep fryer's space to the full capacity, and not have to deal with the awkwardness of trying to empty out a large basket.

Who is this product for?

The FryDaddy is perfect for smaller families looking for a low-cost effective way to deep fry their favorite foods. All you need is 4 cups of oil to fry, and it'll cook enough for 4 big serving sizes, although that'll depend on what you try and call a serving size. People often eat more than one serving of something at a time, but it should be good for at least 3 people. If you're looking for something bigger, the GranPappy, which is the same fryer, but larger, allows for 50% more servings.

What’s included?

  • A scoop with holes to filter through and drain oil. You're able to stir your food easier compared to simply have a basket, and nothing to stir with
  • An easy to read instruction booklet, which if you follow, you will have no worries about operating and maintaining your Fry Daddy.
  • The actual fryer comes in one piece, however the plugin is detachable and has a strong magnetic hold

Overview of features

  • An automatic temperature setting feature that automatically heats up your deep fryer to the appropriate temperature, no dial necessary.
  • Non-stick coating inside and outside for an easy clean.
  • An air-tight snap on light to prevent your oil from going bad while not in use


The effectiveness category will measure how all of the tangible and intangible features work. Of course things always sound good on paper, but are they actually practical.

Air-tight Snap on Lid- There's a good side and a bad side about this snap on lid. It is indeed made out of plastic, so you're not able to cover your food while deep frying. If you follow the basic instructions of not going over the limit of 4 cups of oil and making sure your food is not wet, you shouldn't have much if any spill over. The problem some users have with this deep fryer, is that they wing it, hope for the best, and when things go bad, they knock on the product. Now I'll admit, this feature may not be convenient for everybody looking for a deep fryer, but if you're willing to follow instructions, you shouldn't have any problems with the lid.

Speaking of which, in order for oil to remain reusable, it needs to be placed in preferably a cooler temperature, and the oil needs to be in an air-tight environment. This lid along with an easy to carry handle, helps you maneuver the deep fryer while holdings it oil. 

Automatic Temperature Control- I personally like this feature. The Presto FryDaddy heats up to the preferred temperature of 375° F. It's simply one less thing to worry about, and there's not a lot of need to adjust it up and down a lot to begin with.

How to use the Fry Daddy

The Fry Daddy is one of the simplest deep fryers to use due to its features. 

  1. Place in up to 4 cups of oil. (If you need help deciding what kind of oil, check out the best oils to use in a deep fryer)
  2. Plug in the Fry Daddy with the magnetic electrical plug in. It'll attach and stay attached with ease.
  3. The oil will start to heat up. Once on, the indicator light will glow until the oil is properly heated. The manual should tell you that the Fry Daddy should heat up for 15 minutes. Once the oil is heated, the indicator light will turn off. If at any point, the temperature drops, the indicator will turn back on to let you know.
  4. Once fully heated, carefully place your deep fried food into the deep fryer. Make sure the food is completely dry, pat down with a paper towel if you need to. That'll help prevent oil from splashing around.
  5. Presto will include various cook times for food. Follow those times as directed.
  6. Use the scoop to stir the food around if necessary.
  7. When the food is ready, use the scoop to take out the food.
  8. Pat down your food to rid of any extra grease attached to the food
  9. Unplug your Fry Daddy to let it cool.
  10. Begin the Storing, and if necessary, cleaning of your Fry Daddy.

How to clean your Fry Daddy

After letting your Fry Daddy cool off from deep frying some goodies, you'll have to gauge whether it's time to replace your oil or if its okay to reuse it for your next adventure. We have a complete guide on this if you want to check it out here. If you decide to dump the oil, simply take a cloth or sponge and some soapy water, and simply wipe it down. There shouldn't be much oil or particles sticking to a non-stick coating as long as you're magaging your deep fryer after each use.

If instead, you want to keep your oil in the Fry Daddy, you'll have to get as much food particles out as possible. While you can do that with the Fry Daddy Scoop, it's best to try something with smaller holes, so it'll pick up more food debris. 

Lastly, put on the air-tight snap on lid. With easy to use handle, you can store your deep fryer with the oil inside in a cool place such as the back of a corner counter or in a cupboard.

Comparisons between the Fry Daddy, GranDaddy, and DualDaddy

The three deep-fryers, are all more or less the same, except for the size.

The Fry Daddy can hold 4 cups of oil to cook 4 servings of food. Conversely, the GranDaddy does 50% more with 6 cups of oil, allowing for 6 servings of food. Lastly, the DualDaddy can cook with up to 8 cups of oil, and also has a slide-in wall to place in the middle of the deep fryer, so you can fry two foods at once without mingling them one another.

A second difference between the three deep fryers is the wattage. Because the Fry Daddy is smaller, it need less energy, so the cord is powered at 1200 WATS. Meanwhile the larger GranDaddy and DualDaddy perform at 1500 watts.


The Presto Fry Daddy and its similar counterparts, all make for easy deep frying. Because it's easy to turn on with its magnetic plug and auto temperature setter, you'll have to worry and know less about frying. Also, its scoop makes it easier to gently take in and out. The snap-on lid and carrying handle make it super easy to pick up you Fry Daddy and store it wherever you'd like. Concerns about the lid not being able to placed on the Fry Daddy should be mitigated, because hardly any oil should spill over if you follow the manual.

Overall, the Fry Daddy is meant to make things easier for you, so I feel its aimed at beginners in the deep fry world. If you've owned many deep fryers, maybe you'll look for something that has a temperature dial, a large easy to lift basket, and other features found in other deep fryers. However, this deep fryer is perfect for anybody just getting into deep frying at home.

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