T-fal E76597 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan Review

T-Fal E76597 FrYing Pan Review
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The T-Fal E76597 Frying Pan is a great frying pan for any starter home. While it can’t quite match the quality of a premium frying pan, when used right, it gets the job done. From its construction quality to its unique features, there should be a lot to love about this frying pan. However, its not all sunshines and rainbows. We’ll of course cover the major concerns about this product in our extensive review. 

Quick Overview






  • PFOA Free
  • Uses Riveted Handles
  • Includes a lid
  • Available in 10" and 12"


  • Uses PTFEs
  • Non-Stick effect wears off due to high heat
  • Only partially dishwasher safe

T-Fal e76597 Frying Pan Review

Features- Do they Work?

T-fal E76597 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 10 Inch Fry Pan with Lid, Dishwasher Safe Frying Pan, Black

Everybody loves a great list of features, but the question is, do they actually benefit the user? From its ability to handle the heat to its size and shape, we’ll discuss how well the frying pan stacks up to its claims.

How the T-Fal e76598 Handles Heat

Overall, T-Fal talks a big game to convince you this is the frying pan for you, and its true in some senses of the word. First, lets talk about its patented thermo spot indicator. Its meant to inform you when the pan is ready and truly heated to provide a nice balanced cook. However, how useful is it really? You’re not supposed to heat an empty pan up, so you’re going to have to put something into the pan as it heats up. It could be meat, some eggs, or even just water. Regardless, most of the time, its not a feature that is even capable of being utilized. Outside of that, most of the time, you’ll get a good idea of when the frying pan is heated well.

The Shape and Sizes of the T-Fal E76598

Overall, its nice that the frying pan comes in two different diameter sizes, 10″ and 12″. The frying pan itself is also pretty deep, sitting at about 2 1/2 inches, providing quite a bit of versitility.

However, one of the problems with this frying pan for some buyers is that the bottom doesn’t sit completely flat. The center sits just a tad bit higher than the outer edges. This doesn’t bother some, but others simply do not like it. For example, if you put in a tad bit of oil before you start deep frying, the shape of this frying pan actually causes the oil to run towards the edges, leaving nothing in the middle. Its definitely something to keep in mind before making a buying decision.

Riveted Handles

The T-Fal e76597 offers riveted handles, which are handles designed to offer more support. These handles should work pretty well, and I can’t imagine you breaking one of these handles, unless of course, you’re really trying to break it.


The lids works pretty well for the most part. It is pretty standard if you ask me. It does offer a tiny ventilation hole to ensure some smoke is able to escape, but not too much where you’re losing too much heat. There have been some reports that the lid handle cant get too hot, but we feel like some people may be trying to cook at too high of temperatures. We haven’t had any issues with the lid getting too hot ourselves.

Construction Material

The construction material may very well be the most important factor when determining which frying pan to fry. You obviously want something thats constructed well, can handle the heat, and even just general wear and tear. The based of the T-Fal E76597 frying pan is constructed out of anodized aluminum. That’s a fairly nice construction, and much better than simply aluminum. The process of anodizing aluminum provides a nice finish and grants some resistance to corrosiveness as well as adding to its durability. So when it comes to the base of the frying pan, we actually approve.

However, when it comes to the titanium based non-stick coating, we believe its not everything that meets the high. Problem number one is that while its promoted as “dish washer safe” the manual actually warns about how some detergents will basically wear down the non-stick coating.

Also, if you go the manufaturers website, you’ll see that this product does use some PTFE (better known as Teflon) materials, which it doesn’t make overly obvious. While, some people seem to think this is dangerous, it actually isn’t. PFOA’s are actually the harmful chemical. There’s confusion about PTFE’s and PFOA’s because PFOA’s used be part of making PTFE’s (Or Teflon) up until 2013, where PFOA’s were officially banned. So, this pan is completely safe to use, without a doubt.

Durability of T-Fal e76598 Frying Pan

We’ve talked about how well the T-Fal e76598 is constructed. Talk is cheap though. Lets dive into what to expect when you translate construction quality into durability.

Because T-Fal puts in some PTFEs while making this frying pan, I feel that is one reason why it can’t stand some heat. That’s partly why the manufacturer recommends cooking at low to medium heat. They want you to stay away from anything above medium because it could ruin the titanium non-stick coating.

Overall, the coating works pretty well. However, if you don’t follow the guidelines of keeping your heat low and avoiding certain dishwasher detergents, you’re going to see that the non-stick coating falls a part much quicker than you’d probably like.

Biggest Concerns

  • If you’re not able to follow the guidelines of cooking temperature, and dish washer detergent, you could find yourself losing your non-stick coating faster than you’d like
  • The shape of the pan is a concern for some. When talking about the bottom of the pan, the middle sits just slightly higher than the sides, creating a possible uneven cook. 


When it comes to the T-Fal E76597 Frying Pan, we understand that you’re not trying to pay for a purely premium frying pan. While it’ll do pretty well if you follow the manufacturers blueprints, that can be a hard step for some. I think its biggest problem comes with the fact that the bottom doesn’t sit completely flat. That is going to turn some people away, without a doubt. Overall, it is built pretty well, and its a frying pan that will last a long time when used appropriately. It doesn’t excel at any one thing in particular, but its a very balanced frying pan and offers enough for us to recommend it.

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