T-fal FF1628 Filtra One Deep Fryer Review

T-fal FF1628 Filtra One Deep Fryer Review
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The T-Fal FF1628 Filtra One Deep Fryer is supposed to offer a few unique features that are meant to entice consumers. Because of this, it’s a deep fryer that is probably a bit on the expensive side for its overall size. With that being said, these features should definitely be noticeable. The two features i’m referring to are the cool-touch design and the patented filtration system. While the cool-touch design works as intended, the filtration system doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and it feels a bit misleading. On top of this issue, overall we feel this deep fryer has additional design flaws we’ll cover in this review.

Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Cool-Touch Design
  • Fast heating system
  • Non-stick interior


  • Automatic Filtration System is flawed
  • Not easy to clean
  • Lid can be difficult to remove
  • Capacity will be too small for some

Who is this product for?

If you're looking to buy a cool-touch deep fryer, you're probably looking to try and be safer with your frying. Maybe it's because you have wandering kids, or maybe you simply can't help but touch hot objects. If you have less concerns over the touching of the deep fryer, you probably don't need to pay extra for the cool-touch exterior.

On top of the additional safety features, this deep fryer sits on the smaller side at 2.1 Liters. You'll still be able to fry for 2-3 people at a time, but don't expect you'll always have enough room to fit everything into one batch.

What’s included?

When you order the T-Fal FF1628 FIltra One Deep Fryer, you'll be receiving your deep fryer with the detachable filtration system. You'll also receive a manual with a limited 1-year warranty.

Overall, we're not big fans of this warranty. Yes, they'll fix your problems, but they'll also expect you to pay for the shipping. All in all, you could be paying close to the value of the deep fryer for shipping a unit both ways. That's before we even get into the amount of time it'll take for them to fix it. For this reason, we've knocked a bit of our opinion on this model.

Overview of features

We're going to cover all the essential features that the T-Fal F1628 Filtra One deep fryer comes with, which includes the good and the bad. 

The Good Features

Cool Touch Technology- This is definitely the mainstay feature in the T-Fal FF1628 Filtra One. It's a heavy safety feature that allows the exterior of the deep fryer to remain cool, even while the inside is filled with 375°F hot oil. It's great around kid or clumsy adults.

Power- At 1600 watts, this unit is probably more powerful than it needs to be. Home deep fryers usually max out in power at around 1800 watts, so to get 1600 watts with a smaller fryer is almost unheard of. This means the unit should heat up extremely quickly.

Non-Stick Interior- Once you have the oil drained out of the fryer, the unit is actually easy to clean. The non-stick interior helps prevent things from sticking. If you're maintaining your fryer after each use, it shouldn't take much more than wiping the inside down with a wet cloth.

Folding Basket Handle- The fact that the handle can fold down when being used with the deep fryer is pretty nice. It definitely lowers counter top space, and it prevents anything from sticking out of the deep fryer that you can bump into. It's just as nice to have when you're trying to store your deep fryer was well.

The Bad Features

Size Imprint- Because of the cool touch exterior, this 2.1 liter deep fryer may appear a bit bigger than it should given its capacity. That's simply the nature of cool-touch deep fryers. You simply can't combine an efficient size with a cool touch exterior. The official dimensions of the deep fryer are 15x13.5x11.2in. 

Inner Pot- I really wanted to mention the dimensions of the deep fryer because it flows well with the next problem, which is storing oil. Because of the larger exterior, it can be difficult truly cleaning, storing, or filtering your oil. The pot itself is non-removable which makes it very difficult to lift the fryer to pour into anything. There is no spout to help you out, and the lid has proven difficult to take off for some users. The bottom line is this deep fryer does everything it can to make it difficult to clean. This stinks because if we could easily get the oil out, the actual deep fryer would be super easy to clean. A simple wipe down would do the trick. There's something that even makes this feature even worse.

Patented FIltration System- The filtration system basically includes a meshed grate that sits in your pot underneath your basket. The idea is supposed to be once you'r done frying, you can simply lift up this removable piece that filters your oil nice and easy. However, the mesh on this system isn't very closely-knit. It's a fairly low mesh point, so most of everything goes right through its over-sized holes. The only exceptions are the really big pieces will remain trapped. You know, the pieces that are already easy to clean as is. That leaves us with a nearly useless filtration system to go along with a inner pot that is attached to the deep fryer. All three previously mentioned "features" truly make this unit a hassle to filtrate, store, and clean.

Size- A 2.1 liter capacity just may not be enough if you're trying to deep fry for any more than three people. It feels best used with a 1-2 person a household.

How to use it

The T-Fal FF1628 Filtra One may be a little more complicated to use than most deep fryers due to its cool touch abilities, but it still remains fairly easy to use and clean when you know how to use it. The video found earlier in the page is also of great help if you're looking for visuals. Here is a step by step process on how to use the T-Fal FF1628 Filtra One Deep Fryer.

  1. Pour your preferred oil. If you're unsure of what oil to use, we recommend Vegetable Oil or Peanut. Make sure you don't overfill your deep fryer. The limit is 2.1 liters of oil.
  2. Plug in the deep fryer. Once plugged in, there is an on/off switch located near the bottom of the deep fryer on the right side.
  3. There is a sliding temperature dial that reaches up to 375°F. Set your temperature to your desired amount. Once your deep fryer has heated up to the proper amount, an indicator light will turn on.
  4. You can deep fry without the basket to maximize space, but we prefer the use of the basket. You can pour your food into the basket and then slowly lower the basket into the fryer.
  5. You can never close the lid to your deep fryer and if you hit the button on your basket, the basket handle will fold into the deep fryer.
  6. Wait for your food to cook.
  7. Once your food is finished cooking, lift up the lid, and slowly raise your basket up. There are hinges on the basket that allow you to hang the basket above the oil. You can do this for a minute or so to let a lot of oil drip out. Once done, give it a final few shakes.
  8. Pour your food onto a paper towel lined plate. Paper towels will help absorb some of the leftover oil.
  9. Ensure you've switched your deep fryer to off and have unplugged the unit for safe measure.


If you're unsure about the T-Fal FF1628, that's okay. There are a lot of deep fryers out there, some vastly different from others. So whether you're looking at similar models or you are simply looking at models with different features, you should check out our best deep fryers guide. We'll be sure to help you make the best decision possible. 


The T-Fal FF1628 Filtra One is a nice smaller deep fryer with some pretty cool features. I've personally never needed a cool-touch deep fryer, but I can still respect its capabilities. The folding basket handle is a nice touch as well. My biggest issue with the deep fryer itself is that it can be a bit of a pain to have to store oil to clean out your unit. Even worse is the fact that the patented filtration system that should help keep the fryer clean is mostly a bust. 

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