T-fal FR3900 Deep Fryer Review

T-Fal FR3900 Deep Fryer
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Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Detachable Parts
  • Can use 2 small baskets or 1 large baskets
  • Non-stick interior


  • List price is higher than the value you're receiving 
  • Quality/Craftsmanship Concerns
  • Slow Heat up Times

Lets be honest first and foremost. We've reviewed and enjoyed some of T-Fal's other deep fryers and products, but they missed the mark with this product. The T-Fal FR3900 simply has too many problems for you to warrant getting this model. There are plenty of similar products that outperform this deep fryer, and we recommend checking those out. We want to get straight to the point and inform you that we recommend checking out another model. You can check out our thoughts on the best deep fryers today. If you want to stick around and find out why we would choose most models over the T-Fal FR3900, please feel free to stick around.

T-Fal FR3900 Deep Fryer Review

We've already given the T-Fal FR3900 deep fryer a bit of a bad rap, but there are some nice features that come along with it. Like many deep fryers, it offers a detachable inner pot, which not only allows you to clean your deep fryer easily, but it also makes storing oil easy. The fryer can also either fit one large basket or two smaller baskets, all with the lid being able to remain over the fryer.

The problems I have with this deep fryer has to do with some design flaws but mostly poor craftsmanship. To keep it simple, too many problems occur to owners of this fryer. Sometimes they fryer takes too long to heat up, while other times it simply stops working after only a few uses. Simply put, this fryer has one of the higher unsatisfactory rates I've seen.

Who is this product for?

This product really could be for anyone, but given its size, it'll cook a fair amount of food. It sits at 4 Liters, which would be great for 2-4 people. Given you're able to use two baskets for once, it makes sense for those who want to cook two very small portions of something at once. Don't expect to be able to cook enough fries and onion rings for the family at the same time, that's not exactly realistic. 

What’s included with the T-Fal FR3900?

When you order the this T-Fal Fr3900 Deep Fryer you will receive the deep fryer as well as 3 removable baskets. The large basket will cook most of the 4 liter capacity. Meanwhile, the two smaller baskets fit into the deep fryer allowing you to close up close to 2 liters of food in each basket. Personally speaking, I'm not a fan of the two small baskets because I feel like i'm giving up space.

The Fryer itself will come in several pieces. You'll have the base of the deep fryer, a coated and removable pot that sits into the base, a lid, a detachable heating element, and a power cord.

There is a manual that comes with the box in case you have any problems, although we couldn't find much on the warranty of the product, so we're not entirely sure what may or may not be offered by their warranty. 

Overview of features

Detachable Parts- If you're unfamiliar with most deep fryers, you may not know what detachable parts mean exactly. Detachable parts basically mean the parts detach from themselves. This is nice because if all the parts remain attached, you can't simply throw it into the sink and wash away. You'll have to be very careful with the plug in areas. When they're detachable from the heating element, you can easily run the parts under water which helps quicken the cleaning process quite a bit. Detachable parts are often also dishwasher safe if you prefer to go this route. So yes, the T-Fal FR3900 offers detachable parts which do help the cleaning process immensely. 

4 Liter Capacity- A 4 liter capacity is fairly large amount. It should be good for 2-4 people families. Compared to most fryers, it's probably a bit bigger than your average fryer. I'd say an averaged sized fryer is roughly 3.0 Liters, so you're getting about 33% more space than an average fryer.

Magnetic Power Cord- The magnetic power cord is standard in deep fryers. This basically means a magnet keeps the unit plugged in from the wall to the heating element. This means, a little tug will disconnect the unit. While annoying to some, it's an important safety features because dumping over hot oil is never good.

1800 Watts- This fryer sits at 1800 watts, which is the max amount you'll find in a home deep fryer. However, it puzzles me to see so many reports about the T-Fal FR3900 and how to takes so long for the unit to heat up. That's one of the reasons why I think there are serious craftsmanship issues with this unit.

How to use the T-Fal FR3900

The T-Fal FR3900 is quite easy to use, as are most deep fryers. Simply plug in the fryer and turn the temperature gauge. There should be two indicator lights, one to let you know when the unit is on, the other to let you know when the oil has heated up. Once heated, simply place your food into the basket and lower your basket into the fryer. Allow your food to fry. Once finished, lift your food up, and dump your food onto a paper-towel lined plate. Make sure to turn off your fryer as you pat down your fresh deep fried food of choice.

To clean the T-Fal FR3900 you simply need to wait for the oil to cool down, which may take some time. Once cooled, you're able to pour your oil in a storage container to clean your unit. Outside of the heating element, everything can go straight to a sink or dishwasher. The heating element contains electrical components so you'll have to carefully wipe that down by hand.


If you're unsure about the T-Fal FR3900, we recommend checking out our best deep fryers guide to help you figure out the exact features your looking for. We'll then provide you the best deep fryers available based on your needs.


Overall, if you get a unit that works, you'll probably be happy. However with the T-Fal FR3900, the chances of that happening are much lower than they should be. There have been several reports of units not heating up properly or simply not working period. We cannot endorse a product with poor quality assurance, especially one that we feel offers a poor warranty option. Other than this drawback, the actual fryer is quite nice. You can use multiple baskets to split up your deep frying needs with a pretty large 4.0 liter capacity. On top of that, you'll be able to detach the parts to make for an easy clean. With the bottom line, we recommend you check else where.

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