Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Review

Tramontina Professional Frying Pan Review
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The Tramontina Professional Frying Pan tries to bring its A-game in a very competitive frying pan market. Overall, Tramontina is able to compete in a tight market by creating a sturdy pan with a few of their own unique ideas to add flexibility and versatility in the kitchen. However, it’s not all glitz and glamour, as Tramontina could definitely provide improvements to their current model.

Quick Overview






  • PFOA Free
  • Uses Triple Riveted Handles
  • Available in multiple size and sets
  • Removable silicon grip handle provides versatility


  • Not as durable as some competitors

Tramontina Professional Frying Pan Review


The Tramontina Professional frying pan is a great mid-tier frying pan. In the end, you’ll get a a high quality product at a decent price. This particular frying pan is not usable for induction styled stoves. However, gas and electric stoves work well with this frying pan.

Overall, most of its features are pretty standards in terms of frying pans, although there are a few small, unique exceptions.

Available Sizes and Sets

Sometimes a purchase decision comes down to availability. Everybody comes looking for cookware with their own set of needs. You could need an entire cookware set replaced. Conversely, sometimes you only need one new pan, or a pair of them. Regardless, there are quite a few different options available for you. You can view them all here.

Beyond the sets come the actual sizes of the pans. Tramontina offers frying pans in 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″. If you can’t find a size that fits your needs, I’d have to question what you’re trying to accomplish.

Triple Reinforced Riveted Handle

A riveted handle increases the structural integrity of a handle to any pot, pan, or skillet. Most riveted handles consists of two rivets. As long as the rivets themselves are strong, that’s really all you need. However, for whatever reason, Tramontina made their frying pans with three rivets in mind. You can rest assure that your handle isn’t going to loosen or break over time.

Removable Grip for Handle

While a soft removable silicone grip sounds cheap, its actually quite strategic. While most frying pans can handle an oven temperature of around 400°F, their grips and lids reduce it down to around 350°F. That can make all the difference when baking something. So how does one allow their pan to survive in 400°F heat while allowing for softer grip handles? For Tramontina the answer was quite simple. Removable grips provide the best of both worlds. Its relatively cheap to produce, and it also provides versatility for the frying pan user. That’s a win/win situation for everybody involved. Of course, if you don’t have the tendency of putting your pans in the oven, it’s probably not a big deal either way.

Construction Material

Similar to many frying pans, Tramontina uses aluminum as its base. While some competitors go with anodized aluminum, Tramontina goes with NSF-certified commercial grade aluminum. While it sounds extremely great, from the frying pans I’ve used in the past, I would generally prefer anodized aluminum. The materials are very similar. Neither can stand high heat, which is why cooking at low or medium temperatures is recommended. Not to worry as the pans heat up quicker than you might think.

Also similar to many frying pan producers, Tramontina uses a triple layered non-stick coating. The reason some manufacturers provide a triple layer coating is to ensure it not only lasts longer, but it can also withstand a bit without getting scratched.


Ultimately, Tramontina’s downfall comes with its durability, at least compared to some of its competitors. While overall, Tramontina has a very high customer satisfaction rate, you can see slightly more grievances when it comes to the durability of their product. Even when treated properly, their pans can give out. 

Most of the complaints have to do with either the pan warping or the pan starting to chip away.

Similar to many frying pan manufacturers, Tramontina offers a life time warranty for their products. However, also similar to many frying pan manufacturers, they don’t hold to their warranty. They’ll expect you to pay to ship the pan to them just to initiate an inspection. At that point, you might as well buy a new pan, because shipping can be expensive, and it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get rewarded with a new pan.


As mentioned above, the primary concern with the Tramontina professional frying pan is durability. Compared to some competitors, the frying pan simply doesn’t last at long. Its more prone to warping over time as well as the non-stick coating chipping.


Pricing is a tricky subject. At the end of the day, you want value. If product A and product B are exactly the same cost, you’ll likely choose the one that is the better quality. However, not everything is so black and white. Tramontina fairs well with its attempt to sell a mid-range frying pan at fair prices. By a fair price, we mean you’ll find some merchants that sell below Tramontina and some that will sell above.

We can’t provide exact prices compared to competitors because it’s easy for merchants to change prices as well as offer deals in a moments notice.


After writing this review, I feel like I’m giving a negative review. That’s simply not the case. As I’ve said, Tramontina has an excellent customer satisfaction rate. They offer a pretty great frying pan at a fair price. It just so happens that there are better options available, in my opinion. OXO offers a very similarly priced product with improved durability. In a tight non-stick frying pan market, Tramontina even finds way to stand out. Its removable grip is a pretty easy feature to implement, yet its fairly rare for a frying pan. This is just one example on how the company is able to create a quality product at a fair price. We hope you’ve liked our review, and come back for more in the future.

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