VIVOHOME Deep Fryer Review

VIVOHOME Deep Fryer Review
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Quick Overview


Food Capacity




  • Affordable
  • Double Layered Filter
  • Non-stick interior


  • Too small for some
  • Offers nothing new from the market

It's funny that manufacturers seem to be releasing more and more deep fryers all of the time. One of the newest releases is from VIVOHOME, from which I can tell, make a lot of different kitchen appliances as well as many other things for your home. We're here to review the deep fryer though. All in all, the VIVOHOME deep fryer is a very similar model to many of its competitors which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It offers a sleek long yet thin design that is said to carry up to 3.2L of oil, and it comes with all the standard features.

VIVOHOME Deep Fryer Review

The VIVOHOME Deep Fryer is easy to use with its simple yet effective design. Simply plug in and set your temperature. Once your done deep frying, you'll take comfort in knowing just about everything is dishwasher safe as it all comes apart very easily. Simply lift the inner pot out of the base, and you're good for an easy clean.

Who is this product for?

This product is good for anybody looking for a household deep fryer. With it's 3.2L capacity, it works well for a household with 2-4 people. You may need to look for an upsizing when it comes to larger food such as chicken or fish, as you'll be a little more limited with larger food, although if you don't mind making an extra batch or two, it'll stick work perfectly for you.

What’s included?

When you order the VIVOHOME Deep Fryer, you'll be receiving an assortment of parts and a manual. These parts include a deep fryer base, inner pot, heating element, lid, fryer basket with a detachable handle, and a magnetic breakaway cord.

Overview of features

In this section, we'll discuss the features of the VIVOHOME which includes the pros and cons of their usefulness.

Detachable Parts: This is always important because it'll make cleaning much easier. When your deep fryer is one big undetachable unit, you can simply run it under the sink, because you may get the electrical area wet. However, when your heating element detaches from the deep fryer, you're free to clean 90% of the fryer under the sink without worry. When everything detaches, it's even easier, because you can choose to use the dishwasher if so choose.

Dual Layer Lid- The VIVOHOME Deep Fryer lid is particularly nice because it has the standard transparent see-through panel to check your food while it's cooking as well as a dual layered filter to help eliminate odors. The see-through panel is more or less standard on deep fryers, but not all deep fryers offer a filter system to help with the odors and smoke.

Safety Features- The first and most important safety feature is the breakaway power cord. This is standard in almost all deep fryers because nobody wants to accidentally knock over oil at over 300°F. Not everybody likes these cords, but it's there for a reason. Also, the power cord is 32 inches, or just under 3 feet, which is longer yet shorter than some competitors. Another useful safety feature is that inside the inner pot are marked minimum and maximum oil quantities. This will ensure you never overfill your pot with too much oil.

Power- This deep fryer has pretty good power behind it, which is good because it'll ensure your oil heats up quickly and is more likely to recover quicker from dips in temperature. It's wattage is listed at 1700, which is near the max of home deep fryers. Fryers typically won't go over 1800 watts unless you buy a massive fryer that requires more.

How to use it

The VIVOHOME Deep Fryer is simple to use and similar to most fryers. Simply plug in your deep fryer and set your temperature which goes up to 375°F. You'll also have to set the timer which ranges from 0-60 minutes. The timer has to be turned on in order for the deep fryer to operate. This is becoming a more common safety features so people don't accidentally leave their deep fryers on for too long. There will be an idicator light to let you know the unit is on, and an additional light will glow once your oil has heated up to its designated temperature.

Once the unit is heated and ready, simply pour your food into your basket. From there you can slowly lower your basket into the your fryer. Once frying, you can place the lid on top of the fryer to ensure no oil splatters into your kitchen area. Once your food has cooked, continue by raising the basket out of the oil. It's best to try and shake out as much oil as you can.

Once you're satisfied, you can pour the food onto a paper-towel lined plate. The paper towels help absorb some of the remaining grease. Speaking of which, its best to pat down the top of your food with paper towels as well. Once you ensure you turn off your deep fryer, then you're all set.


If you're unsure about the VIVOHOME Deep Fryer, that's okay. There are a lot of deep fryers out there, some vastly different from others. So whether you're looking at similar models or you are simply looking at models with different features, you should check out our best deep fryers guide. We'll be sure to help you make the best decision possible. 


Overall the VIVOHOME Deep fryer is a powerful medium sized fryer. While it may not offer anything new and exciting, it makes sure it covers all of the essential features to compete with its competitors. It's a solid fryer all while maintaining competitive market pricing. We wouldn't fault anybody for making the decision to buy this deep fryer.

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