What is a Deep Fryer? Definition and Information

What is a Deep Fryer?
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A deep fryer is a small kitchen appliance that is used to deep fry various foods. This is done through eating up oil to a high enough temperature to thoroughly cook the food to its crispy completion.

Definition of a Deep Fryer

According to wiki, A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance used for deep frying. Deep frying is a method of cooking by submerging food into oil at high heat, typically between temperatures of 350 °F and 375 °F (175 °C to 190 °C).

Types of Deep Fryers

There are several types of deep fryers. The most common deep fryer type is the one you’d find in a home kitchen, which is an electrical deep fryer. An electrical deep fryer is simply a deep fryer that plugs into a wall outlet for its source of power.

However, there are several other types of deep fryers. Another would be a commercial deep fryer, which is something you may find at a fast food chain. Commercial deep fryers are typically much larger, to ensure it can cook enough food for its customers. Some of these deep fryers are electrical and some are gas.

Speaking of gas, there are specialized propane deep fryers that you can buy. These are popular because you can use them to deep fry outside. One of the most common uses for a propane based deep fryer is frying turkey.

When was the Deep Fryer Invented?

Deep frying has been around for ages, however the deep fryer appliance didn’t come around until the 1970’s. It was in 1976 when Presto made history by coming up with a huge hit with the Fry Baby deep fryer. It actually become such a hit that Presto later came up with the Presto Fry Daddy and Fry GranPappy a year or two later. These two deep fryers are still extremely popular today.

Features of a Deep Fryer

Its been nearly 50 years since the deep fryer has been a major hit in the United States, and since its humble beginnings, a lot has changed over the years. Here are a common list of different features one may find on a deep fryer.

  • Removable Basket and Lid– A removable basket makes it easy to lift food in and out of a deep fryer simply by lifting a basket up. A corresponding lid helps keep the oil from escaping the deep fryer.
  • Thermometer/Dial– Most deep fryers have some way to track the temperature of the deep fryer. It may be a simple dial, or if you have a really fancy deep fryer, you may have one with a digital display.
  • Removable Parts– While we’ve already talked about a removable basket, deep fryers these days have almost every part made to be removed. This includes an inner pot and typically the heating element. This is done so you can safely take the deep fryer apart and wash it in the sink or a dish washer. If parts aren’t removable, the deep fryer becomes very difficult to wash because you have to be really careful around its electrical components.
  • Filters– Some deep fryers offer their own filters through its lid to help eliminate some of the “deep fryer odors” that get created from heating up the oil.
  • Filtration System– Fancier deep fryer models offer its own filtration system to help keep your oil as clean as can be. It is very easy to dirty up oil with various food particles.


Deep frying has been a thing since the Egyptians, at the very least. However the actual deep fryer didn’t come about until much later. Over the last 50 years of its existence, deep fryers have definitely adapted to handle more food, to offer more power, and to provide more convenience. To check out the best deep fryers on the market, check out our ultimate deep fryer guide.

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